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  1. riverender

    Will Lambert drop the Doc?

    [quote user="Eggy"]I hope he does we shold have never got rid of Shackle[/quote]I do not remember a ground swell to keep him, when he went; but maybe my Senile Dementia has set in ! !
  2. riverender

    Delia's Latest Cheat

    Aplogises to WHU forum but couldn''t resist this:Her latest cheat is to appoint PL as NCFC manager after his side had stuck 7 past the Canaries - here''s one someone else prepared earlier !
  3. riverender

    Lambert - Offered Job without Interview

    Whatever we think of the interview or not, MaNally is obviously Cock - a-Hoop over the move!
  4. yes he is and always will be - seems we have many people on here who have never made a mistake in their life ! ! !