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  1. It''s because it''s Norwich City. It''s what we do. Been following them since the 60''s. It will happen again & again. It is inevitable. One had to be philosophical. Move on to the next chapter. NCFC the roller coaster!
  2. If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. Very old but very true saying. We could have been could enough if the players had belief.
  3. Sorry about the missing A. I meant JonAs!
  4. One change for next week. Jons in for RVW. Wes behind Elmander. Simples!
  5. I agree with the resting theory. Better players in for winnable games
  6. We aren''t. I think he meant we would have been happy to be on 75 pts. But we are actually on 85.
  7. It''s also because dogs don''t get to eat so many bones as they used to.
  8. How about a joint management team of Hyena & OXO cube. I mean we are a "laughing stock" aren''t we ??
  9. double negative. that''s positive isn''t it ?
  10. Put your money on mid -table mediocrity. That will be classed as "consolidation" by all those in charge.
  11. Personally I think Gill was the only new signing who came out with any credit. Did the simple things well & rarely misplaced a pass. Comments anyone ?
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