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  1. I just posted this comment on Twitter: Well done @NorwichCityFC - awareness is now sky-high amongst potential sponsors that #ncfc have an advertising space for sale on the front of their Premier League shirts! Honourable applicants only this time please... (No such thing as bad publicity and all that?!)...
  2. Whenever I consider the extremes, I flip it & consider the polar opposite; yes we could lose all 3 - however we *could* retain all 3 couldn't we? If they do go, we get lots of £ & opportunities to grow in other ways. Pretty cool either way really...
  3. Pukki may cause further damage to his ankle in the Euros; best recruit a suitable replacement for the Premier League just in case?
  4. Why unreasonable Ged? Whether he stays or leaves will be firmly down to whatever he values most.
  5. £ money is a factor, but only one part of the whole decision. Emi has a young family & seems very happy here. The club, coaches & fans have been very good to him & vice-versa. Norfolk is a safe place to bring up youngsters isn't it? Yes, a football career is short & he's an absolute gem. However, he's not an international (yet). He could continue to grow with Norwich, however he may favour a new challenge... We'll soon see what he values most in life won't we? He'll literally vote with his feet.
  6. I'd rather our players focus on the task in hand - securing 3 points to win the Championship title.
  7. I've followed the rules & stayed home - been in excellent health until I had the AZ jab!
  8. As @TIL 1010 pointed out, Cook could do that job in the North West without moving house - could be a real benefit to him & his family? Btw: I'm Norwich born & bred, however in the mid-80's when I was offered a HO role by my employers PZ Cussons Imperial Leather in Manchester - I needed to relocate & chose to live just outside Preston. Fabulous memories...
  9. Given a nice managerial role has just become available at PNE, Agent Cook may be regretting his move from Wigan to Suffolk?
  10. I agree with @Move Klose; neither Hernandez & Placheta have an end product - we haven't missed them whatsoever have we? Both can easily be replaced. And if we don't have high crosses swinging in, that makes Hugill surplus to requirements too. Injuries to Rupp & Gibson are a concern in this league, never mind the one we're heading to! We probably need up to 8 new players to upgrade the current squad - maybe more depending on major departures.
  11. Nice to see a genuine well-mannered ITFC fan on here. I've never subscribed to the offensive juvenile nonsense; it's a game of sport & for the benefit of the region I'd love to see local derbies taking place in the top league.
  12. Nothing daft about that suggestion! Skip + £10m for Aarons would be a superb deal given a straight-swap would satisfy fans like me.
  13. Skipp is playing with a smile on his face here - it'd been an absolute dream loan so far. If he goes back to Spurs would he get much first-team action? Staying (and playing) at Norwich to see how well he makes the step-up to the Premier League could serve Spurs even better. Think how experienced he would be for his age come the 2022/23 season.
  14. So much depends on whether Aarons, Buendia & Cantwell stick around; if they don't, we'll need some serious recruitment - quantity AND quality-wise. It's likely Kieran Scott & his team have been extra busy for the past few weeks!
  15. I'm confident Norwich have really got their act together now. With or without Cantwell, I suspect a calm approach and excellent game management from Daniel Farke. He knows this league, we've been here before (Leeds two years ago springs to mind), so expect a masterclass of German efficiency. I'm going 3-1.
  16. I'd like to see the Old Farm Derby being played out in the Premier League - however I suspect that's unlikely to happen in my lifetime...
  17. The Old Farm Derby in the Premier League is just around the corner then?
  18. Best bit of info I've read in a while - thanks for sharing that Dylan! I grew up watching TOGWT & always wondered where the name came from...
  19. Bristol City won 1-3 at Boro tonight yet the table shows 5 losses?
  20. Psychology has always played a part in sporting performance - same applies to every other area of life. Our thinking drives our emotions which drives our actions to produce our outcomes. It'll be interesting how the chasing pack behave now. The biggest advantage of a 10-point gap will be the psychological effect it is likely to have on the opposition before & during our next game(s). They won't take the field expecting to win will they?
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