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  1. It's my youngest son's 16th birthday today. He's a long-term NCFC ST holder & despises the whole gambling thing in football. Multiple ads promoting betting were shown during the Norwich vs Liverpool Carabao Cup game & it's clear how overloaded it's become. Even at his age, he cites the misery these products can create - as a father I'm pretty grateful he has formed this view tbh...
  2. £700m *isn't* stinking rich? Wow, some people are hard to please! If any of us were to win £111m on this friday's Euromillions there's little point in sending any of it NCFC's way then?
  3. No need to knee-jerk - calm heads are required right now! After all he has achieved, Daniel Farke deserves our full support. Providing there are 10 points+ on the board before we play Brentford on Nov 6th, there will be justifiable optimism. Totally different matter if not though...
  4. A double-stamped vaccination card will be OK won't it?
  5. A modern-day Chippy Crook would cause mayhem picking out Rachica & Tzolis with well-weighted diagonals! Apart from Gilmour, do we have anyone in our current squad who can play a through-ball that doesn't run out of play?
  6. We needed players with a bit more bite; not red-card stuff, but applied strength backed by a good dollop of high-quality self belief. Looking at video clips, Normann plays fairly within the rules and in a way that others simply bounce off him. Otherwise they chop him with spectacular results. He looks feisty & I think that's great. His presence in the side may well up level some of the existing players too.
  7. Rashica swinging-in high crosses was less-than-helpful - that's not how Pukki likes to receive the ball is it? Thought that would've been worked on in training; when Pukki starts to get proper weighted through-balls from the new midfielders, normal service will be resumed. It'll take Teemu a few games to achieve full fitness, so other options need to be made in the meantime. Idah & Sargent looked lively & bright...
  8. Doesn't look a Premier League footballer to me. Far from it! Can't believe the reported fee - perfectly good money that could be used to fund proper talent elsewhere. I'd rather we buy no-one and save the cash. Even if he was available on a free, I'd say no.
  9. I see 'Boro have just signed an Argentinian - guess he's one Warnock's been tracking for years? 🙂 https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/martin-payero-becomes-middlesbroughs-new-21234989
  10. Pretty sure I read something about him potentially going to Boro several weeks ago? If so, he's probably been working out his notice period...
  11. Should Stuart Webber leave in a years time, Daniel Farke could take over as DOF & recruit a new Head Coach to maintain continuity?
  12. Love Nick's 'attitude of gratitude' - superb stuff!
  13. Facing Liverpool without Pukki doesn't sound an attractive proposition! Maybe Rashica has been recruited to deputise?
  14. BBC every time for me - no contest whatsoever.
  15. Offloading Hugill would make quite a statement; Nottingham Forest are said to be eying the 'lofty talisman'... https://www.nottinghamforest.news/2021/07/08/nottingham-forest-transfer-reds-eye-norwich-ace-jordan-hugill/
  16. I have a signed pair of Joe Hart's boots from his England days. One bottle of shampoo would be worth more nowadays...
  17. I relate; it's hard to resist a Boots '3 for 2' deal!...
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