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  1. They try & copy Norwich City every time don't they?!
  2. This talk was from two years ago - certainly not something he's come up with for our benefit which augurs well. I watched this video in full (+ many more) on Saturday afternoon. Very impressed with what he appears to value...
  3. How do we know the club are not considering either of these two? There's no confirmed evidence they have been talking with Lampard, Smith or Knutsen either! It could easily be someone not even mentioned so far - which wouldn't surprise me.
  4. My initials are 'SSS' - put me to the very front of the queue! 🙂
  5. I figured Hassenhutel may have been included as a distraction technique because his club are Norwich's next opponents. Fine margins and all that... Btw: is the Carrow Road away dressing room still painted pink?
  6. Broadland Gate near Postwick would be an excellent location. There's enough space next to the NDR for a new stadium, car & coach parking, helipad, park & ride buses, new rail link & retail services (new McDonalds opened there just over a week ago). A new stadium would need to seat 40,000-45,000 to make it a worthwhile sport & music venue though?
  7. Those doing their best to belittle the two Reeve boys might do well to appreciate it says far more about them than those they're having a pop at! In other words: "Criticising others is a dishonest way of praising yourself". Those who feel compelled to act that way often lack self-esteem - the very thing Jack and Chris (despite close family bereavements) demonstrate in abundance.
  8. Right now, I cannot see a Premier League player in Sargent - and that's what he was bought for. Same goes for Rachica - although I suspect he has more to come. I was more excited by the potential Tzolis, however he showed very little against Leeds too. It really is concerning. I love Normann & Kabak - there's obvious quality there, however we're not on course to retain them are we?
  9. Sorensen with Normann & Gilmour would give us a chance of retaining the ball. Right now the defensive midfielder position is horribly vacant as we saw at Chelsea - and again on Sunday for Leeds' second goal.
  10. Rashica reminds me of Matt Jarvis. With less end-product.
  11. Idah offers more in every aspect - apart from the number of Bundesliga games played. I'll be amazed if there's a starting place for Sargent on Sunday. We look imbalanced trying to accommodate him. He's not a midfielder, a winger nor (especially with his appalling goals to games record) a striker either. Mind you, Rachica's left me feeling even more disappointed; he looks like a second-rate Matt Jarvis with even less end product. Werder Bremen must be well-chuffed to have offloaded the pair of them for the money we donated.
  12. During lockdown I've connected & met with the MD who provides security services at Spurs; she's had a busy few weeks with Premier League Football, the Joshua fight & NFL game. I'd love a tour of that fantastic stadium - guess that would need to happen other than matchday though. Look up @eileenwilliamsmbe on IG if you're interested in seeing one or two behind the scenes videos...
  13. As challenging as it is, all involved need to 'Trust the Process & apply the 'NATO' (Not Attached To Outcome) principle. Focusing on winning every tackle, header, holding position, making magnificent passes & clinically finishing 100% of our opportunities (the process) is far better use of brain power than fear-based thinking which quickly paralyses performance. Execute the activities that create 3 points & it's much more fun all-round. Then repeat...
  14. I really thought Cantwell would step into Buendia's vacant position this season and establish a Grealish-type status at his home club. His creativity and ability to feed Pukki has been sorely missed. I genuinely hope he's OK - his cryptic IG messages are a bit bizarre...
  15. Even Pukki hit the side netting instead of scoring in that game! Given his nicely deflected opening goal against Bournemouth, Tzolis appears to possess a fortuitous finishing touch. When you have a golden player like that, surely you play him? I doubt he'd fail to get the ball over the line in a wide-open goal like Sargent did. Probably do it blindfolded... PS: Thinking ahead, when Tzolis scores, will we hear the kitchen staff celebrating by smashing plates in Delias Restaurant? 🙂
  16. Totally agree with Petriix - so far we've looked devoid of any creative play or unexpected moves! Let's be honest, we've been pretty dull. There's a Buendia-shaped hole for Cantwell to step into this season providing he wants it. Unlike the new recruits, he knows exactly how Pukki likes to be fed. Hopefully we'll see him make a creative impact tomorrow...
  17. Apart from experience in the Bundesliga, I fail to see what Sargent offers above Idah - an unnecessary and expensive piece of recruitment in my opinion.
  18. Sargent looks an average utility player to me - we already had plenty of those. Doesn't appear to offer any more than Idah who is bigger, stronger and already here! The USA guy doesn't have quick feet, he's not a fast winger, and his goal to game ratio is pretty awful, so he can hardly be described as a striker either. There's precious little time in this league to establish his identity or purpose; my gut feeling is DF may well be screwing-up the effectiveness of the whole team by trying to accommodate Sargent every week. I'd like to see him dropped in favour of Dowell who at least has a goal in him.
  19. The article clearly says: Webber and Adams share a positive relationship and the decision * isn't * viewed as a step up in contingency planning for when the Welshman elects to depart the club!
  20. Maintaining faith is more beneficial than relying on short-term beliefs; when our beliefs are temporarily challenged, faith carries us through... #otbc
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