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  1. 'Mind the Gap' jokes are looking a bit meek these days. Ipswich have created momentum whilst Norwich (unless an absolute miracle occurs) have not. Of course their supporter's tails are up; we'd be the same.

    I'm fully expecting them to join us in the Championship & safely finish mid-table in 2023/4. 

    Right now, trying to gauge where Norwich are heading is a complete finger in the air job...

  2. Well I thought the performance against Rotherham was woeful. Nothing to get excited about whatsoever. Style-wise, not dissimilar to a confused Dean Smith side. The players appear to be far too comfortable playing with low levels of passion & belief.

    Looking at the recent performances of those around us, Luton have won 3, PNE have won 4 - and Boro, Millwall, Blackburn, Norwich, Coventry, Sunderland, WBA, Watford & Bristol City have only won 1 game each from their last 5! 

    If we can't make enough effort to secure a few wins in a race this wide open, I despair...

  3. Totally agree; Idah, Sargent & Pukki don't complement each other in any way, shape or form! The wide players in the 3 need to be wingers or wing-backs or attacking midfielders who can create or score. Right now, NCFC are sterile; not scoring a goal in the last 3 home games is shambolic given the potential prize on offer.

  4. Old Farm Derbies are something to look forward to though? Should Norwich fail to get promoted (currently looking that way) & Ipswich successfully return to the Championship, the universe will have delivered a just & fair sporting outcome.

    A few years back, the thought of avoiding Ipswich would've lit a proverbial fire under the arses of our players - doubt many on the playing staff appreciate that local rivalry at all nowadays...

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  5. Currently I consider Idah to be well behind both Pukki & Sargent. Yes he has potential - however my gut feeling is he lacks the killer instinct to 'just do it' on a regularly-repeated basis. Good hold-up man, but lacks conviction. Too tentative to be a winner. Suspect Kamara may take his chance when it arrives though!

    I used to think Sargent was little more than a League 1 utility man until he got to play through the middle - an opinion I may never have formed had he been given the central striking opportunities Idah is currently enjoying (but not taking).

    If/when Pukki leaves, Norwich will need to recruit a top new striker, retain Sarge & use Kamara as intermittent 3rd back-up. Idah needs a full season loan just like Maddison & Cantwell did.

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  6. I'd rather Idah had said "It's UP to me" as opposed to It's DOWN to me" - that indicates how he sees himself and the situation. Sounds like he's saddling himself with self-imposed pressure. Not going to find 'flow state' performance with that kind of self-talk is he? 

    I'd love to see Tzolis play a central attacking role tonight; always figured he was recruited as a trainee Pukki and now seems an ideal time to give him a start.

    Marquinhos sweeping in from the right with pace and crossing high for Idah or cutting back low for Tzolis could be productive...

  7. I'd love to see Idah flourish. He has a powerful physique, basic, unrefined technique & a decent application. If he can keep his actions simple & find enough self belief to finish effectively we'll have a high quality forward. Realistically, I'm not expecting anything above a Carlton Morris-type career at NCFC though...

  8. Here we go again; a small number of NCFC 'fans' taking cheap shots at two of THE most creative, innovative, dedicated, likeable people around! This time, the sniping has commenced before the latest (highly prestigious) video has even been published. Blimey, that's a new low!

    For a bit of perspective; 20k+ subscribers to the TNC channel indicates a HUGE amount of NCFC fans absolutely love what they do. 

    Roll on 5pm tonight when the video drops...





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  9. 8 minutes ago, lake district canary said:

    Yes, they explained the law on MOTD - but it is convoluted and lacking common sense. They have tried to pin it down to specifics rather than a general "interfering with play" - and by doing that, all they have done is taken away any vestige of common sense to it. Rashford was running with the ball at his feet - even though he never touched it - and was as involved in the goal as much as it is possible to be involved in it without actually scoring himself - all from an offside position.

    That rule - and many others too probably - need changing back to something open to interpretation by the ref. The more they try and pin rules down with extra criteria like they are doing, the harder it is to get common sense decisions.

    Given it's a game of sport, the phrase 'interfering with play' seems ironic to me! Why not allow disguised runs & moves from offside positions? Providing the strike is made by a player who remains onside, it should count. Keep it nice & simple...

  10. 8 hours ago, TheRock said:


    Agreed, the whole thing certainly felt rushed and wasn't given the proper alloted attention to detail like it has been in most recent  years. It seems like many others came to that same consensus too, based on @TIL 1010's accounts of folk being unhappy with it.

    Even my 17 y/o commented that the 2-minute period of respect hadn't been followed correctly. I also spotted some complaints from NCFC veterans on Twitter - hardly surprising. The whole thing appeared to be rushed...

  11. On 13/11/2022 at 14:46, WD40 said:

    Can’t stand Chris Reeve, his sycophancy in front of guests and name dropping makes it almost unwatchable - but to be fair this is huge

    Interesting pov! Not one I share, that's for sure. Chris is highly emotionally intelligent & a genius at relationship-building. His black book of NCFC contacts is to die for. I see a super-fan who is incredibly modest - and given his back story, I am in awe of his achievements so far. 

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