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  1. How the hell has Beckford won a Player of the League One award? He looks really lazy, acts like he has a high opinion of himself and doesn''t care much for anyone else - least of all his team mates. I wouldn''t want him in my side - he''s a passenger.
  2. Low intelligence fans those are! Whilst they are devoting their energy to off-pitch activity they will remain exactly where they are. It''s not rocket science! I prefer us to have a dignified return to the Championship and leave people like that behind. Another 3 points today - S''good innit?
  3. What a gem of a ball from Butterworth - and then a pinpoint cross from Fox (whyever didn''t the Leeds No 5 put his foot in?) - and Whoah! Gossy''s finish! He scored this goal against Leeds and that other wonder strike against Bayern Munich in quick succession if I remember correctly?...
  4. [quote user="Mister Chops"]And it''s not "Little Old Norwich", it''s "£23 million in debt Norwich", and our majority shareholder is using the limited tools at her disposal, i.e. her fame and reputation, to bring some money into the club. I fully support this and would be amazed if anyone did not.[/quote] Well said Mr Chops! I think Delia sees us less as Little Old Norwich and more like the club she loves and (in this case doing Waitrose ads with Heston Bloominawful) she is able to raise some really useful cash. Money she chooses to give to us. We''re so lucky to have her; Leeds for instance have a morose, self-centred holier-than-thou, tax exile that hardly anyone seems to like!
  5. Look guys and girls - if you freely admit to being ''mind-conditioned'' by previous disappointing years at Norwich you will do well to shift your thinking! Quote from motivational guru Tony Robins: "The past does NOT represent the future" (Thank goodness Paul Lambert knows this!). Being top-of-the-league is not normal for us; we just need to get used to this new ''normal'' that''s all! Success is available to all of us - we just need to let it happen. I suggest we keep this a ''sabotage-free zone'' (allow Leeds to have first claim on that!)...
  6. I agree; the result does not overly affect us - win and it''s party time - a draw is OK and a defeat won''t kill us. We should be relaxed enough to perform well - that cannot be said for the opposition! Our players know they were the better team at Elland Road - and will want to show the football world that Fraser''s kick was nothing but an unfortunate fluke. Norwich will be driven by desire - Leeds by fear - should be interesting this one! OTBC
  7. Joey Barton could start an argument in an empty room! A total thug - I want our players to be the type we can look up to; there''s no place for him here. Let him play in a Prison side somewhere with Marlon King & his (in)mates...
  8. [quote user="The gut"]I thought Francis moved for doin a JT on Leon''s missus.[/quote] 100% correct! ''Training Ground incident'' covered it in the media at the time; McKenzie smacked Francis and damaged his cheekbone - for the very reason you stated Mr Gut! Then McKenzie threw a wobbly until he got a move away from here...his transfer cash paying for the subsequent divorce!
  9. Feels like a defeat to me! Got to be realistic though; 4 points from the last 2 games is a pretty decent return. Just hope Millwall & Leeds cancel each other out on Monday. I''d be just as happy to see Millwall absolutely trounce Leeds though! If anything, I favour Millwall to grab the points up there...
  10. In a way I guess this is a nice problem to have? My son’s birthday is 17th April and we usually go to a NCFC away game around that time to celebrate. This year we play Charlton away – perfect! The team is performing well – perfect! You can order tickets before the game – perfect! There is a system in place called a ‘ballot’ which determines if the birthday boy can actually have any tickets for him and his mates – not quite so perfect! I understand the priority order thing; we missed out on Colchester away with that – but honestly, it’s looking tricky to organise a simple day out for a passionate Norwich supporter at the moment! My son will be 13 that day he’s a season ticket holder (since he was 6), he’s been a match day mascot, he’s played for the club at Academy level, he plays in the same club side as a former NCFC player’s son who will come with us to Charlton providing we get the tickets etc etc …but we have to see if we win the damn NCFC ticket allocation lottery first! Ticket restriction directly relates to success on the field of play so we can''t have it all ways I suppose? OTBC
  11. Will Npower be offering clubs a decent subsidy on their power rates? Then we can have reserve games back at nightime KO''s!
  12. There''s still lots of games to go; how can anyone be awarded a prize before the race finishes?
  13. This is a very valid point! It''s down to ''Directional Thinking'' (or ''Dominant Thought Theory'') - regardless of their pre-match fighting talk; at a subconscious level the opposition passively accept the inevitability of it all...and capitulate anyway! S''good innit? PS: I am part of a team providing professional training on this very subject for business and sport.
  14. Best old-fashioned Centre Forward since Iwan Roberts. Holt has more pace, he covers deep midfield and even appears out on the wings - things Iwan never did! It''s a wonder Holt doesn''t take corners for Norwich too: if he did he''d probably be heading his own crosses! I think Holt and PL can continue to develop with NCFC in the Championship next season - let''s just hope no daft offers come in for them or the other key players for that matter. A year ago we had no players with any real transfer value - isn''t it great how things have changed?
  15. Performance-wise, Chris Martin seems to be slipping. Not having a go; I think he''s a very talented player but if he''s tired or not engaged (for whatever reason) he has to stand down for a player who IS energised. PL has said all along this is a squad game and the entire squad has a part to play.
  16. Humble Pie time! I was sitting on my computer chair when Elliott scored and did about six 360''s punching the air. Went to make a cup of tea & he scored again. He looked a nippy little player at Carrow Road; moves a bit like Darren Eadie used to? Compliment indeed. A player who can latch onto Hoolahan''s through balls with pace IS a terrific acquisition - well done Lambo! (That''s why he''s the Manager of NCFC and I am not!). Is that enough Humble Pie? OTBC!
  17. A lot of it lies in the players heads; desire and passion counts for a lot! Enthusiasm fuels Energy - and Energy fuels Enthusiasm. Simples!
  18. I thoroughly agree! Whilst everyone has an opinion (whether they attended CR or just listened on the radio) - surely 80% + of Canary Callers need to be from those who just witnessed the game first-hand from a seat in the ground? Perhaps Radio Norfolk get a sense of ''self promotion'' by giving airtime to those sitting at home enjoying a certain service provided by...Radio Norfolk! PS That guy Simon is my favourite regular Canary Caller - I usually resonate with him. Radio Norfolk should get him on the air at half time for a fans opinion?
  19. Just had my calculator out! (I must be bored)... Using the average points gained per game over the last 6 matches played (from Sky Sports data this evening), this is how the finish would look: Norwich 100 pts Colchester 90 Millwall 85 Charlton 84 Swindon 84 Leeds 82 Huddersfield 77 I know absolutely anything can happen in football, but Leeds fans must be a tad concerned!
  20. Chris Martin has a languid style which has him looking a bit off the pace at times - he doesn''t win many headers but when he does it usually leads to something significant. Not a busy day for him today but he scored again and remains effective. 20 goals (+ plenty of assists) in any professional league around the world should be enough to be considered effective! But not to some on Canary Call?...
  21. Chris Brown ''scoring pretty freely''? - he''s not even in the top 30 Championship top-scorers (Source: Soccernet 27.2.10). He breaks the Trade Descriptions Act if he still calls himself a goal scorer! I do respect Paul Lambert''s judgement on this guy Elliott (even though I''ve never heard of him before!) - Lambo must have something in mind... ...and his transfer dealings are truly excellent so far, so I better shut up!
  22. Quote from Pink ''Un: ''52 appearances, scoring eight goals''. Why on earth do we need a player who takes in excess of 6 games to score a single goal? I know Holt could get injured (or banned!) but this guy sounds like another ''Scoring Prevention Officer'' to me! PS: The first being the bloke we sold to PNE who ran around never scoring. Oh and then there was Peter Thorne too... Don''t set me off!
  23. The full moon is Sunday; people''s behaviour in the 2 or 3 days beforehand tends to be more emotionally charged than usual. Example: I was in Gentleman''s Walk yesterday lunchtime and a wheelchair-bound girl was screaming like hell and her carer could not control her (just an observation - I felt sorry for her) - then a guy having a coffee at a table outside Starbucks was shouting ''The Sun - The Sun - it''s out everybody - praise the Sun!'' - then a guy tried to get into a London Taxi outside Guildhall but the driver was having none of it and drove off with the door swinging leaving the potential passenger swearing at him! All this in 30 seconds and about 200 metres! I provide psychology-based training programmes for a living, so I do take a keen interest in anything to do with human behaviour...especially business and sport. Let’s see what happens on Saturday – I’ll eat humble pie if I’m wrong about the red cards!
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