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  1. So when did it go from peaceable mingling on the terraces to lines of police, to fences? I know some of ours hopped on the pitch in 1965 to stop the cheating Bx sanding the goal after Kevin Keelan had slid around in it all the first half, but that’s an understandable response. When did the Derby get nasty off the pitch?
  2. Elasticman - it was segregated when I first went to a derby in about 1977. But the full-height fence wasn’t up in the Barclay, or the cages at the front. I was in the River End with my Dad, and it looked a bit lively down the Barclay. It always seemed that 30-40 fans were nicked each match, 2/3 or 3/4 of them Norwich according to the newspapers, but Ipswich seem to think they were on top off as well as on the pitch. Any comments?
  3. Nigel - doesn’t look as packed as I would expext for nearly 40k - but I suppose another 4k got in for the Leicester cup game in 1963. Any memories from anyone of that?
  4. Alcock with the winner on 88 minutes - must have been enjoyable!
  5. That’s an account of the cup run I’ve never seen before - many thanks. We played Ipswich in the FA cup in 1962 (before I was born) - drew at home and won away. Monster crowd of over 39800 at Carrow Road - anyone remember what it was like? Must be in our top ten attendances, surely?
  6. It’s happened before, I think - but we swapped divisions (85-86). I don’t think we’ve ever been two divisions apart since they scammed their way into 3rd division south ( finishing third in the Southern League in 1937, with the Cobbold family schmoozing the votes needed for election). However we were pretty close on one occasion when they won the 3rd division south and we were bottom, applying for re-election. Any memories of those days, and the turn-around for the 58-59 cup run?
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    Anyone still got Keelan''s phone number?