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  1. I''m a Brisbane Roar fan and whilst I do think Berisha is a quality finisher, I don''t think he is good for Norwich as he is a poacher rather than a striker who gets involved in play. Berisha was great last season when he got lots of service into the box or through balls but as the roar has been struggling  (despite having highest possesion in league) he has looked rather isolated in matches. Given the fact he probably will have less service at Norwich I really don''t think he is any better than Morison and Jackson. He isn''t especially pacy, but works very hard and makes some intelligent runs but he is caught offside a fair bit.If we are looking at a roar player I''d suggest Theoklitos...
  2. Regardless of the Penalty, Zamora ran into box early when it was taken.
  3. Unless Ruddy somehow starts, I want to see England lose all games 1-0 with Carroll missing sitters.
  4. http://atdhenet.tv/47102/watch-norwich-vs-aston-villaFinally found a good one after a laggy first half.
  5. I''ve got the flu, so I don''t feel well enough to go. Disappointed since  I was looking forward to meeting other Norwich fans :(.
  6. So I take it this is still on? I should be going with my dad.
  7. I''m tempted to go but I don''t drink, go to pubs or stay out late in the city so it''s looking unlikely. Maybe if I could convince my friends to go. How old are the other people attending?
  8. Great, the team I wanted. Too many times last week our wingers  were getting balls in with noone on the end of them Holt can fix that. Never been too much a fan of Fox so happy he was the one to make way.
  9. Overall I rate Ruddy quite well and I think he is a keeper good enough for us at the moment. However, his aerial ability and handling from crosses is a big concern as he sometimes misses the ball or drops it. In general his positioning has been good so I think the Yakubu goal was a one off.
  10. Half the English Cricket team is South African lol. I don''t see English people complaining about that.
  11. Definately would like to see a backup winger, we have no depth there and we are playing our only two at the moment. If were to have an injury it would mean we wouldn''t really be able to play our current (successful) formation as effectively. Otherwise I''m content with the squad at the moment.
  12. My main problem wasn''t with the goal wasn''t on end of the pitch but the other. Can''t remember the player involved (I think Malouda) was going to be closed down by a norwich player then the Norwich player backpeddled to allow the through ball he shouldve closed him down and get a tackle in imo.
  13. I''m from Australia with no pay TV so I have been really limited watching Norwich for the last couple of years. So excited to be able to watch games on a regular basis by streaming- gonna have a lot of late nights/early mornings this year.
  14. As an Australian I''d like to see Luke DeVere of Gyeongnam, who is a beast of a centreback previously helped Brisbane Roar win A-league title and should be plyaing for Australia imo. Also Lucas Neill and Harry Kewell are off contract this summer and are still quality but age and contract may make them undesirable.
  15. Ok, I am one of these new posters. Just like to say that I have viewed these forum for a log time but never posted. Why? because i simply haven''t been able to watch many matches (because of live in Australia) and have felt that I couldn''t really add anything meaningful to add to the after discussion seeing so few games. However, now I have been able to watch most matches this month (since a lot were on tv) and will be able to watch every game next year so I feel like i could contribute. I''ve been supporting Norwich since I''ve had an interest in watching football (post 02 world cup) have several jerseys watch matches in middle of night when possible and if this makes me a plastic fan so be it. Lets face it if I wanted to support a team only for success i''d support Man U/Chelsea/Liverpool/Arsenal like 90% of Australian supporters.
  16. Watched both games from 2am-7am, great night.
  17. I don''t see why he needed to celebrate with a spainish flag.
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