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  1. With regards to Matteo it is likely leeds would let him go for a million according to football365
  2. One of my friends folks went to her house and she served up fish and chips from the local chippie!!! How disappointing would that be???
  3. No No No. I hate the man. Can you think of a footballer you would rather not meet in the pub than Dickov. He is the poor man''s Roy Keane. He should be strongly discouraged from joining city.
  4. Wouldn''t be a bit embarasing to own the attack monkey. He is the ugliest player in the premiership unless Chadwick is still going. No offence Martin (well a little bit but its tongue in cheek).
  5. Bit of a contraversial opinion but I feel a bit contraversial today. Yes Wise was the following juvenile he always is, but isn''t that why people said Millwall had a better chance of beating United than Sunderland. Millwall would never have beaten united playing what we in East Anglia term football. There best chance was to play a hard niggly game and for the first half an hour it worked. Ultimately they were outclassed but the way wise played was their best chance. Having said that I would never like to see it at FCR. As for using Wise as an example of who not top buy due to aging it seems like a tenuous suggestion. He isn''t playing like that because he was old. Its how he has always played. The usual pundits who moan about players being to soft and how it was better in there day with Bremner and Harris etc. are now sitting on the other side of the fence by making an example of wise. When is anybody going to make their mind up. Incidently did anyone count the stepovers by Ronaldo today. I had a little sweepstake with my mates (I plummed for 21), but I lost count by half time????
  6. I disagree with the criticism of macteer. Living in Durham I see him play quite a lot at the SOL and he is a hard working passionate player. He can get a bit angsty but i put him more in the Alan Smith category which is no bad thing. Off the field he is a decent bloke and always happy to chat (he lives on my street - sorry not meaning to seem like his best mate or anything). As to his quality he has definitely shown it in the past and he is not that old.. I''d be prepared to give him a one season contract and see how he does. He is definitely as good, if not better than cooper and like huckerby deserves another shot in the top league. However I can see him being unwilling to leave the north of england. One downer is he is good friends with that ex-binner Stewart.
  7. http://www.failuremag.com/arch_sports_american_samoa.html American Samoa - 203rd Ip***ch Town - 204th
  8. Wouldn''t mind their trophy next season though fool.
  9. Salisbury City - local club Sunderland - near my uni and my house here is next to Macateers and see him quite a lot (also saw Kevin Kyle in newsagents the other week - incase you are interested he bought 4 magazines - NUTS, Zoo, Top Gear and 4-4-2!!!) Posh - Just a great little club. Cambridge - girlfriend live there Southampton - Dad has a season ticket Den Haag - used to live there and they play in Green and Yellow Nantes - also called the canaries Beijing Goa An - Watched them when i was living in China (very passionate supporters - used to fire catapults at refs, police and opposition!!!) However still 100% canary OTBC
  10. Yorke is a playboy. Not Worthies type of player at all. I''d rather follow up on Crouch or Bentley but i fear we may miss out on Bentley if West Ham go up.
  11. ian wright and his rubbish presenting some might call gorden ramsey''s work a waste of space too
  12. how much do you reckon this show pony would cost? http://www.ilph.org/whickerings_news.asp?ID=2
  13. he is now officially a baggy hopefully us missing out on him means we will get rio ferdinand instead http://skysports.planetfootball.com/article.asp?id=203866&cpid=8
  14. ok here is another summer timewaster what is the worst job you can think of of any ex-footballer/manager? here are a couple to get the ball rolling david hillier - baggage handler mike walker - skip hire
  15. i don''t agree with buying him but utd have just transfer listed him
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