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  1. imo the 7-1 wasnt the reason... last season was the reason. Gunny came in and did his best, with a lot of dignity, at the end of last season - but 1 out of 6 isnt good enough.  A decision has been taken now that should have been taken months ago.
  2. I started watching City in the late 80''s and through to the early 00''s had a season ticket every year in that period... Bryan Gunn was absolutely always one of my heroes and one of the best keepers the club has ever had.  As a manager I think he came into an impossible situation at the end of last season.... and he did his best and did his work with dignity and heart... but ultimately he wasnt a boss.  That isnt a knock, it is a different job to any other, and it wasnt for him. Bryan Gunn will always be a legend of this club, is ridiculous that people even need to ask the question... but this decision should have been made at the end of last season. Gunny is a great guy, a decent man, a good coach... but this job wasnt for him.
  3. 100% yes He wasnt up to the bosses job, but no one could doubt his heart or his performances as a player Im sorry it happened this way, but this was the right decision and needed to happen and should have happened pre season.  But Gunny will always be a Norwich legend.
  4. I remember Daryl Sutch once trying to chat up my girlfriend in a club, but she had no clue who he was :(
  5. He wasnt the only person who was awful today, but he has to be dropped no question.  Terrible performance, what kind of message does it send if he''s picked for the next game?
  6. Well, 1 nightmare performance doesnt automatically make someone a bad player - but unquestionably he must be dropped after that.
  7. I assume this is a joke? "needing tme to gel" is not the same as this gutless, inept, clown-like, capitulation
  8. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"]I think he should go now Phat. Nice bloke, but not a manager[/quote] 100% agree.  He wasnt the man to keep up last season but was given a chance and failed. The players dont fear or respect Gunn.  Being a nice guy isnt a good qualification for one of the toughest jobs.
  9. someone with some managerial experience I would hope I believe that Gunn is a decent man, but everything he did last season showed that he wasnt up to it.  I hope he has the honesty to look inside himself and admit the longer he stays the worse it will be for the club.
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