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  1. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I imagine that if you did go, you went with no shirt and get thy gob shut didn''t ya?[/quote]   No i wore a shirt..gets a bit nippy at night without one..   And what does "get thy gob shut" mean?!
  2. [quote user="IncH_HigH"][quote user="oneclubineastanglia"]   Either way, you''re in it   Bye   [/quote] At least come up with something to give us the hump instead of just stating the obvious. Sherlock we know what league we are in because we''ve been here since the start of the season. Now pop off and count your 12 fingers like a good little fella. Bye. [/quote]   How original! Well done..   Just baffling that every joke concerning extra digits always relates to Norfolk?! How odd?! Check out Frankie Boyle, very funny man...
  3. [quote user="Mason 47"][quote user="oneclubineastanglia"] [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]...............and you''ll be in it next season. bye[/quote]   You know thats not going to happen   [/quote] Thats what we said too... [/quote] Slight difference
  4. [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]...............and you''ll be in it next season. bye[/quote]   You know thats not going to happen    
  5. [quote user="Malcolm Mawkin"] Now last season they started up a facebook page called the "Norwich relegation party" about how they''d go for a night out in Norwich upon our relegation. Maybe we should set on up about them, a bit tit for tat but would wind them up a treat!!! They wouldnt of dared come in the city to celebrate our relegation. They would of get well and truly battered. All mouth them wannabe mockneys are. [/quote]   Was a good night out actually!
  6. [quote user="NCFC-47"]would you rather see Ipswich relgated or see us promoted [/quote] Relegated you mean?! No chance.............and you know it Promotion, well actually yeah I think you will get promoted..  
  7. [quote user="nr1"]With our family club image that is now begining to change with the appoitment of mcnally and lambert don''t you all think its time for our fans to change. Enough of the facepaint silly wigs casual clobber only and lets take teams on such as millwall at their own game lets do norwich proud lads. [/quote]   Twat.. Is football about fighting? No
  8. [quote user="ncfcrule"] don''t get me wrong i love the kid, and would love him to  be the goalscorer we all wish him to be! But i just have a reservation about him, when he cae on the other night, i just thought he was as fiesty as ever but thought his touch was a bit off, and that has been very siilar fro what i''ve seen a few games this season. There was also one 5 foot pass which i remember he made and went about 5 feet the wrong side of the place he intended. I think his pace is immense, and think he does have the potential, but i also thinktoo much is expected from this kid and i have a feeling he may not be the superstar we all think and wish! thoughts? OTBC [/quote] Thoughts.... Not bad for the third division I suppose
  9. [quote user="ryan1992"]What the hell are you doing on here? Are you so sad and lonely that you have to come on the NCFC message boards? As a scum fan, shouldnt you want to stay away from Norwich? I know i wouldn''t post 1 word on any of your boards[/quote]   What am i doing on here? Ermm, posting messages I believe?.. Am I sad and lonely? Nope.. Should I stay away from Norwich? I''m miles from Norwich, so obviously I am staying away.. And you wouldn''t post on any of my boards? I haven''t any boards of my own so no, you wouldn''t..   Thanks for the input tho  
  10.   We shall see won''t we, my 3rd division chum
  11. [quote user="danny boy"]Could do with buying yourself some supporters who might turn up every week[/quote]   And you could do with "loaning" some supporters who will stay for the whole game!   Touche
  12. We don''t need to buy one...   You muppet
  13. [quote user="kiwiNCFC"]40,000 something against leicester [/quote]   And that 40,000 was made up of how many families?   12?
  14.   Is it Paul Lambert?   Won''t be long before he see''s the light, surely?
  15. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Doubt they have 9m for a keeper though  hahaa [/quote]   Ah yes...of course you''d know, keepers being Norwich''s strong point and all......   You muppet
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