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  1. Rob Newman broke Colin Woodthorpe''s jaw in a training ground bust up during the 1993/94 season. A heated Gorgonzola based debate spiralled rapidly out of control when Woodthorpe casually dismissed all Italian Blue cheeses as "veiny, crumbly muck". Newman, from a family with proud cheese making traditions took deep offence to this and lashed out in a ferocious and sustained attack. Colin Woodthorpe never played for Norwich again and was later sold to Aberdeen at the end of the season.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmCFirO42ww
  3. I have a few videos.... hope these work Charlton v Norwich
  4. Nelson, Hughes, Rose & Elliott were all going to their respective homes ooop North this evening as they were all on the tube after the game. Nelson looked rather embarassed by the chants that echoed around the carriage such as ''there''s only one Michael Nelson'' and ''Nelsondiniho''
  5. I was in a pub just outside of Liverpool St this evening after the match donning my Norwich scarf when a bloke aproached and asked how ''we'' got on today..... won 1-0 and promoted I told him To which he looked utterly bemused, until I explained that I was a Norwich fan. He apologised as he thought I supported Man Utd. The ''gold and green'' concept has annoyed me but I''ve tried to ignore it, but when you can''t even wear your colours without being mistaken for Manure something is seriously wrong.
  6. "Bad f***ing day at the office" Must have lost one of his prize racing pigeons then. No wonder he''s so down. Poor chap.
  7. Come on Millwall! Never thought I''d be saying that. I put a bet on a Millwall win at 4/1 earlier today with a smaller bet on the draw as cover. It was too good to resist. Bottlers!
  8. Message I''m currently receiving when attempting to access the online ticketing on canaries.co.uk ...... "Due to the high volume of activity, we are currently unable to connect you. Click here to try again. The real-time ticketing system is currently operating at its full capacity of simultaneous customers. A limit is placed on the number of people simultaneously within the ordering system to ensure a smooth operation at peak periods. You will therefore need to retry a few times until a spare slot becomes free as other people finish the ordering process. These extremely busy periods normally occur in the first few hours of a new game going on sale, so alternatively try again a little later when the initial rush will have died down." Doesn''t look good for Monday.
  9. I''d also recommend the Hall Rd chip shop (at the City end opposite The Freemasons Arms) You can then enjoy a few ales in the excellent Kings Arms which is just down the road. Better still, have your chips in the pub as they let you take your own food in.
  10. enquired about ticket availability for this game at the club shop on friday and was told that it would be going to a ballot. details of availability answer the ballot should be released in 3-4 weeks I was told
  11. my mate managed to get 33/1 with skybet. Don''t know exactly when he placed the bet but must have been when we were at our lowest point! I remember roundly mocking him for making the bet!
  12. Just the one. Attempted to post this the other day but couldn''t get the hang of posting links on this forum. Will try again.... Link to Photo The holding pen where we were kept for about half an hour(?) after the game.
  13. Can they beat the attendance at the DW stadium for Wigan''s FA Cup replay with Notts County? The stand behind Tony Cottee in the background of his updates on sky sports news is completely empty.
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