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  1. its funny reading the twitter posts from celtic fans angry at little Norwich for saying "take it or leave it" More than likely we want to get him to the US, so a swift answer is preferable. One angry young man said that Celtic were European giants, funny how winning the european cup in 67 makes you a giant! same mentality as Leeds fans???
  2. Holt got 8 yellows which doesn''t get him suspended... 10 yellows and you get a 2 game suspension, 15 yellows and you get a 3 game suspension, and 3 game suspension for the reds, which by his actions should have gotten Wanyama suspended for 11 games. I''d call that a liability for a team wanting to stay away from the relegation zone.
  3. Anyone else think he is a liability??? Discipline Y R Wanyama 15 2 Taken from the bbc website.
  4. Reading through twitter and noticing that the usually "vocal" Grant Holt is quiet, quite understandable considering what might be going on, then checking out Mr McNally''s tweets and I have to say his sense of humor and coolness is awesome. Reading the tweets you can see there are signings in the works and you have to know that they are working very hard to get more people in! I honestly think that he was an amazing coup to get on board at NCFC!! I am looking forward to any new signings and the new season!
  5. He is not going to leave to be backup for any club, why would he? He would only leave if he would end up being first team keeper at a bigger club! Also I found the insistence that we would be relegated without him laughable on that link!
  6. In Hughton we trust... unless.. 1) Unless he looks at a player from the MLS... 2) He looks at a player I don''t rate because you know I am a world class scout and know more than the setup at the club I support. 3) Makes a decision that I would never make in Football manager 20XX. Stop being bloody arm chair managers, if the scouting system and Houghton are looking at a player, its because they think its worthwhile.
  7. Norwich City FC‏@NorwichCityFC BREAKING NEWS: Grant Holt signs new 3 year deal and former Barnsley man Jacob Butterfield signs - more to follow on http://www.canaries.co.uk
  8. [quote user="J"]4 seats at the presser! who could it be to fill them all? [/quote] I can see 2 players + McNally and Hughton..  Said Mystic Meg...
  9. "Simon Thomas‏@SimonThomasSky There could be some significant news concerning Grant Holt''s Norwich City future coming later today. Will he stay? Expecting an announcement"
  10. Most jobs don''t make you sign a contract, those that do normally have specific wording in there about what happens if you break your contract.  You can break your contract at any time but it comes with consequences.  When you purchase a player who has a contact you essentially are buying them out of said contract, same with managers and compensation, you are purchasing the remainder of said contract.  The whole thing with Rangers is a little puzzling, why is it not like standard takeover?  Because the debt is too much?  At any given time a contract you have can be brought out my someone else but you normally get notice of this, idk.  its a little confusing as to wether it their contracts should still be retained by a new company that purchased the whatever is left of the club.    
  11. Take into account the change of gaffer and the need to review what you have before you figure out what you need.  PL had the fortune to have played us/reviewed us before he jumped ship so he had a very good idea already.  CH has a general idea but no where near the same, I am sure he is working hard at getting the ship straight and I have a good feeling about him being incharge, I think if anyone can get Grant Holt to stay, he can!  As well as find us a gem or two with his staff.
  12. Aston Villa may have a claim to not paying any compensation as PL held the contract.  He broke it by accepting the job at AV, now compensation may be due if they wanted to buy him out of that contract, which they may of done.  If they haven''t the breaking of the contract falls on the shoulders of PL, unless we broke a clause in the contract.  Now did AV break football league rules and regulations regarding approaching another teams manager/staff?  who knows! "Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I just play one on TV..."
  13. [quote user="hugoagogo"]Should stick to Grid Iron.[/quote] why?
  14. Thanks very much, and thanks to all that post goals for us that cannot get them!
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