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  1. [quote user="Puzzy magnet "][quote user="jibbajabba"]Is there not an argument that a relative lack of success coupled with very impressive attendance figures can lead to complacency? Perhaps, having empty seats acts as a spur to improve your product? What tangible benefit does being the bigger club actually deliver? Beyond pride or ego? Is watching your team lose with 24 thousand others less painful than with 20 thousand? Is it sweeter to win with thousands of others rather than hundreds? All this bigger club stuff is nonsense though really, not coming from this part of the world, I''m afraid to say, that most people regard teams like Ipswich and Norwich as pretty interchangeable - friendly clubs that (usually) bounce between the top two tiers. If the Ipswich/Norwich debate were a boxing match, it would go the distance, and to a points decision, then maybe the toss of a coin.[/quote] Don''t really care what the rest of the country thinks pal. [/quote] What is the point of the argument if people outside of Norfolk/Suffolk''s opinions don''t matter then?! They''re obviously going to think they''re the bigger club, and likewise with us. I agree with jibbajabba and just think that, as great as it is that we''re so well-supported, it seems as though we''re always playing the attendance card in these sorts of arguments. I think there''s more to being a so-called ''big club'' than that, and we have a lot of mismanagement over the years to undo before we can really stake a claim. I''m sure it will happen though, and can''t wait.
  2. [quote user="Puzzy magnet "]There has been some robust debate on here recently about who is the bigger club, Ipswich or Norwich… I know it is a bit tiresome sometimes, and from our yellow side of the fence we simply have to concede that *they* have won more than us. But I thought I would state a few facts in the interest of informed debate: 1) Two of the three competitions for which Ipswich have stars on their shirts (don’t laugh) no longer exist. The UEFA Cup and the old Division One now fall into the same bracket as Betamax. Gone. This is emphasised by the fact Ipswich’s most-read fanzine and website is called Those WERE the days. Huddersfield won the old Division One three times in a row – does it make them a bigger club than us? Nope. 2) If we are to talk about trophies, Norwich are the most recent of the two to win a major trophy, the League Cup, a whopping 25 years ago. We are also the most recent club to win a trophy full stop. Only the Championship trophy yes, but a trophy Roy Roeder and Mr Invisible would kill for right now. 3) The Premier League; we have the highest-ever finish out of the two clubs. It would be a brave, or stupid, man to suggest the standard of the PL is not infinitely higher than that of the old Division One. We were indeed the last non bank-rolled or Big Four club to challenge for the PL title. 4) Crowds. I know it’s a touchy one Ipswich fans, but the fact we are getting bigger crowds than you – home and away – in a season when you have a high profile manager and money coming out of your ears, and we are skint and started the season with Bryan Gunn in charge in Division Three, perhaps shows once and for all that we have the bigger fanbase. It is a painful fact for our Suffolk brothers to concede, but it is true. OTBC [/quote] Don''t wanna stick up for the scum, but I''d prefer a far more watertight argument from us than this... 1) Those competitions you''ve mentioned do still exist, albeit under different names. They''re still, for all intents and purposes, the same competition. 2) If the scum can''t have the UEFA Cup and Division One due to them being rebranded, then we can''t claim the Milk Cup or the First Division (it wasn''t the Championship like you claim) on the grounds that they too have been rebranded. 3) Irrelevant to this topic, but what about Forest in 94/95, who finished 3rd like us in 92/93? I hate to say that historically and currently, they are the bigger club - more trophies to their name and in a division above us. But what does it matter?! Despite our debts, I reckon we''ve now got the people at the helm, and, as you mentioned, the incredible fanbase and potential to really take this club forward - far more so than Ipswich. 6 points off them next season, and who''s gonna care about their history?!
  3. Just to emphasise how important he was to us, just remember what happened after he broke his ankle at Forest in December ''94.
  4. [quote user="Fernando Derveld"][quote user="Robert Ketts Yellow Army"]I will cut them some slack when they start performing. Until then, let''s all keep the pressure up.[/quote]Pressure on who?The (new) manager? He knows full well that we have serious problems and is hopefully ready to start work on them.The board? We already know they can''t vacate the premises until the economic climate is more favourable.The players, then? I''d suggest fewer players respond to barracking than those who retreat even further into their shells. I was at Brentford and to me the midfield was the chief problem; totally overrun, partly due to the fact the players did not want the ball at their feet for fear of making a mistake.And so I ask, what does "all of us keeping the pressure up", exactly? All fans have a right to express their opinions, and vent their frustration, but after a certain point there has to be a rationale behind it.[/quote]Well said.  Booing your own players is one of the most pointless, counter-productive activities a fan can partake in, and symptomatic of the frankly horrible, instant-success mentality of football today.  I was at Griffin Park and also overheard some idiots saying "well, that McNally needs to go really, he''s the one that''s ringing all the changes" - as if everything was great before McNally came here, and he''s the one ruining our club by sacking an inept manager who presided over two of the worst moments in the clubs history!  Brentford was always going to be a ''limbo'' game, which we just had to get through, before the dawn of (hopefully) a new, more successful era begins this Saturday.  It felt like the positive steps that have been taken to rescue our ailing club were being written off before Lambert has even taken charge.  One thing is absolutely clear from Tuesday night - player confidence is at an all-time low.  We weren''t that bad in the first half, and it just took one goal and the change in atmosphere from the fans to crush the side.  This is League 1, where I believe most of the players are at a very similar level and it really is elements such as confidence which make the difference - and at this level, the players are maybe a little less thick-skinned, hence why some very talented players never rise higher than League 1.  We seem to have this arrogant "big club" attitude - we were actually beaten by a good, young footballing side with an excellent coach on Tuesday, who I think will give most teams a run for their money in this division, regardless of how big their ground and attendances are. With Lambert now in charge, this is a new era, lets wipe the slate clean, give the man a chance to prove himself, don''t judge him unfairly on what''s gone before, and just get behind the team without any histrionics when things go bad.  Let''s just hope Tuesday night was the end of our five year slump, and Saturday the beginning of our rise back to where we belong.OTBCOTBC
  5. [quote user="Brendan"]I think you are missing something my friend, 4-3-1-2 would therefore suggest a front THREE not four [:^)][/quote]Good point... [:$]Still not entirely sure we''re capable of playing in such a dynamic way with the players we''ve got... Admittedly we need something different, I just think we''d need a bit more pace up front for that system to work. 
  6. I''m not really sure we''ve got the pace and creativity to play with a Man Utd-esque interchangeable front four.  I think your tactical proposals are rather idealistic and not really rooted in reality.
  7. I absolutely detest the self-congratulating, buck-passing, droopy-faced, moaning arse.  Why he''s appearing on these boards I''ll never know.  I''d cringe with the BS that comes out of his mouth every game if he was ever our manager, or England''s.  Can''t wait til the game is rid of him.
  8. Cheers Steve, I may just take you up on that offer, as I''m on my own for the match tonight.  Where will you be sat in King''s Arms?  I was born and bred in Norfolk, moved to Ealing 3 years ago and been looking forward to this fixture for a few months now...  I am new to the forum, and wish I''d joined earlier as it certainly makes me feel closer to home!Guy
  9. Lionel Road North, just off the M4 could be a good option for free parking and close to M4 and North Circular.  Or I know The Ride off Boston Manor Road is often a good place to park for free and just 10 mins walk from the ground.  Like Boyer said, King''s Arms is perfect if there''s spaces.PS Good to see another Ealing-based canary on here
  10. 1-1 - Brentford look a decent side with a good, young manager at the moment.
  11. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]Would we have signed him if we got beat 2 - 0 by colchester?  Its a big coincidence! Another knee jerk reaction... i really hope i''m eating my words? The club is in free fall! [/quote]No - if we''d have lost 2-0 to Colchester, Gunn would still be here.  It''s quite insulting to a manager with a very good, burgeoning reputation at this level that you believe beating a shambolic NCFC 7-1 is the only noteworthy achievement of his career.  Regardless of that result, I think he is widely regarded as one of the best young managers at this level, and McNally should be congratulated on appointing him.
  12. Cheers John, sounds good.  I live 10 minutes walk from the ground, I should really know that...
  13. Anyone know which pub/s City fans will be congregating pre-match? 
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