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  1. A new CB is a must, also we will need theo confident soon on the chance we will lose alnwick in janurary so he could probably do with playing at brentford.
  2. Exeter is a must but really we should wait for 10 games before looking at the table
  3. Holahan sounds like a good winger with drury as partner.
  4. Cody and Holt probably our best strike partner ship for awhile
  5. Anyone think we should flog him for a new CB or Alnwick
  6. You are going on the basis of one game each, in their total career stats Theo is well ahead. Also if we get to reliant on Alnwick we will fail when he goes later this season.
  7. Just another point to note, but I belive he may be unused to this type of ball I saw this the other way around when an english keeper came to oz, they use heavier balls which bounce differently on the hard ground unlike them light things we use making them easier to catch as they don''t bounce out of your hands. It''s no excuse but is a factor that may come in to affect when the ground is damp in the winter.
  8. There are quite a few delia supporters though if it was a full 100% or very close to that yes, but I would imagine about 14% ish still like Delia for the help she gave us in her early days
  9. We might aswell keep him if he can regain confidence he''ll be of use and we wont lose money by giving him back to the vics for nothing.
  10. I think so, certian he played in the a-league charity cricket match, back when he was a decent keeper.
  11. Playing theo to early in the season was a bad idea, australian and english football is very different and he''s falling into the same issues gomes faced at spurs he can''t be played with slow center backs and needs a speedy center something only askou can really do atm. Hopefully he will be able to rebuild his confidence against yeovil and exeter.
  12. I was just wondering in the new aviva add why are the fans in it from plymouth aviva don''t even sponsor them, surely it should be norwich fans companies that sponsor clubs normally use that team in their adds not another team eg the old aig adds with united in
  13. He would have gone anyway if peterbourgh were giving him games and such he would have wanted to go there not sit on our bench we were lucky to get such a good deal on him with all them extra clauses.
  14. If he has other more important things on his mind he will be no use as a player he has already shown low commitment in training, I''m sure in a few months he''ll be back in training properly and in the squad
  15. [quote]Deserves more than that, but at least its something for the great man.[/quote]every match in the county in silence/applause not alot more that could be done for him
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