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  1. Not too far from my 33rd year on this planet...
  2. Hello all, I''m jumping on the coat tails of Leon McKenzie on Saturday and loitering in the Canary''s Store if anyone fancies buying a copy of Barclay Boy and getting it signed. Alternatively I''ll be bring Mr McKenzie refreshments as he struggles with the queue forming for his signature...
  3. For those of you who like trying your luck and/or want to find a Norwich City related Christmas gift for someone, I''ve a copy to give away on Twitter. Head over to @thecartweeter to enter. Simply RT this tweet: My book, @Barclay_Boy, the perfect Christmas gift: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Barclay-Boy-...4352097&sr=8-2 … #NCFC #OTBC I''ll even sign it to devalue it a little...
  4. I''ve joined this conversation a little late, but what the heck I''ll add my two pennies worth too... I budget for my season ticket and the cost of travelling up from London. A midweek fixture is impossible for me to get to whether it''s a league game or a cup game and £30 plus other associated costs would just be too much anyway. Should something happen with the gods and we make it to Wembley, yes I would go and I''d have no guilt about having not attended earlier rounds of the competition. It would be such a rare occurrence so why shouldn''t I? Why is it seen as a slight that all season ticket holders don''t attend every game at Carrow Road? That concept seems a little feckless to me.
  5. ...which may or may not interest you: http://footballbookreviews.com/revie...james-scoltock http://thebookboy.co.uk/season-in-th...oltock-review/ And it also got a mention on Radio Norfolk: http://t.co/8jOqbZTd (3hrs 24 mins in) I''m praying Saturday gives us something to be cheerful about, although the return of league football should be enough.
  6. Firstly, the term ''gamesmanship''. I hate it, it''s just trying to put a nice spin on an awful attribute to football, (and any sport). It''s cheating, so call it cheating. Secondly I don''t think one sport is better than another, but as professional athletes footballers could learn a lot from how the majority of sports men and women conducted themselves at the Olympics. The cynicism in football is unbelievable, from the Premier League all the way down. I watched a Sunday league game at the weekend and the foul language, abuse and general idiocy of those taking part riled me. Some label it passion, but like gamesmanship, it''s just another term to whitewash over a disgusting cultural trait of the game. Call a spade a spade. And it isn''t only on the pitch. The fans in the stand can be just as bad. At QPR last season, teenagers chanting John Terry''s name every time Ferdinand was on the ball. You wouldn''t do it in the street so why do it at a football stadium? The Olympics, (not the IOC which is as bad, if not worse than FIFA), shows a different way. Where you can be passionate without being aggressive, where you can be a winner without being a conceited prima dona. It isn''t every professional footballer. It isn''t every football fan. But the sport has a tarnished image and has a lot of work to do to rectify it.
  7. Has anyone been in the Waterstones in Norwich recently? I was in there a week or ago and took a proud snap of my book, Barclay Boy: Season in the sun, in the sports section. A mate said he went in a few days later and said he couldn''t find it. I wondered if it had sold out or if he was merely pulling my leg. Anyone seen it by chance?
  8. Hello again, This I promise will be the final thread I start on Barclay Boy, but i wanted to let you know that the paperback is now back from the printers. I have my author copies, so I hope anyone who has either pre-ordered or wants to buy it will now be able to get their hands on it. Nine months hard slog has finally come to fruition. You should be able to pick up from the usual suspects: Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith etc Happy reading...
  9. Just as a small update. the publisher has told me that Barclay Boy will be back from the printers on Friday, so it won''t be long until orders are fulfilled and people can read it in the comfort of their own home...
  10. It has taken a while but the Barclay''s stand has been changed to Barclay stand for those that noticed the faux pas... ...happy reading
  11. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, especially when you have to check 100,000 words. Things easily get missed.
  12. It was noted and changed for the paperback version. Was there anything else?
  13. Through these dark and miserable summer days when football is difficult to come by I thought I would mention that all three parts of the Barclay Boy ebook are now available on amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=james+scoltock&x=0&y=0 And parts one and two are on the iTunes store, with part three not far away. People who own a Kobo eReader can also get their hands on part one with parts two and three to follow soon. And for the traditionalists, the paperback is being sent to the printers as we speak. I do feel slightly silly as I was confident Lambert would stay, and said as much in the book. Hindsight hey.... See you all next season
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