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  1. I guess we won't really know how bad their squad is until a new manager has had a go with them.
  2. Of course - I support my team through the bad times as well as the good. Whilst affordable, I will always renew.
  3. The midfield was poor on Saturday and I don’t think dropping Vrancic for a more attacking midfield player would help. Game needs Tettey or Trybul but not an option. Feel sorry for Farke as has had key players missing for most of the season and not once has he been able to put out his best team. Not many teams could cope at various time this season without Klose, Naismith, Tettey, Pritchard and Oliveira
  4. [quote user="iron_stan"]id prefer to lose 10 nil tonight and stay in the premier leaguewe dont have a big, strong or good enough squad to compete on all frontsthis competition was great in the 80s and 90s, when the prize for winning was a proper european competition, now its ultimately worthless, even more so given the value of staying in the top flightif you want this club to grow the priority is the premier league, not this sh*telook at the state of teams in recent years that focussed on the cups over their relegation battleswigan/hull/birmingham etc etc[/quote] I disagree. We have a squad of players, with cup games giving an opportunity to those players not in the league squads to play some football and catch the managers eye, whilst putting pressure on those players who are playing the league games.
  5. I am not saying that I would want us to move, but the land at Carrow Rd must have a prime retail/residential value due to its location, enabling us to perhaps fund the purchase of a new site and the building of a new stadium. This may be a more attractive option than developing the current stadium and the new stadium could be built whilst still playing at Carrow Rd, thus avoiding the problems of moving those in the City stand if this were to be rebuilt?
  6. Ruddy Wisdom Martin Bassong Ollson Tettey Dorrans Redmond Hoolahan Brady Jerome
  7. Many posters seem to focus on the need for a forward, but isn''t the other end of the pitch more pressing? I would be more than happy to go with the forwards we have, instead adding a centre back, left back, right back and left mid.
  8. Shame that a post about ladies football has to result in an hilarious comment about bras. About time that some people grew up and supported female sports rather than resorting to the typical unfunny sexist remarks.
  9. I''ve never taken a club coach to away games but might do this time - any good?
  10. There''s optimism for you. How about thinking about how the moaners will react if we go 2 or 3 up?
  11. He is wanted out, or he wants out? If I was Adams and a player said to me that he didn''t want to play for Norwich then I would also be keen to get him out and away from the dressing room ASAP, bringing in payers who actually want to play for the club. I am not saying this is the case as none of us know, but why do so many on here assume that a player leaving is down to something being wrong with the club, or poor management, when this may not be the case?
  12. No problem - just 99% of this message board is based on guessing, mainly as the club cannot actually give us the facts that we all want as this could impact on deals going through.
  13. You are simply looking for the negative in everything Norwich City. What makes you think there is no communication between manager and players? The club correctly said that no players need to be sold, i.e. the club can manage financially in this league, even with the reduced income. However, if a player wants to leave, isn''t wanted by the management, or the club receives a very high offer for a player, then of course players may move on. This is the case for every club.
  14. But none of us know what is actually happening - just guess work. If Bassong or Pilks said to Adams that they don''t want to be here, would you pick them if you were manager, or get rid and bring in players who want to play for Norwich? Like us, Adams is desperate to succeed so he needs players he can trust.
  15. What "Adams thing"? How can these comments possibly trouble you? He has been asked about certain players and as with all managers he has given the least amount of information as possible to avoid disadvantaging the club with any deals. Adams would have had private conversations with all players at the end of last season to confirm whether they want to stay or go. Those not wishing to stay are being moved on, or not in the squad, such as Pilkington, Bassong, Fer etc. I assume that those in the squad are those who are happy to stay but we could still be tempted if a high offer is made, such as for Redmond.
  16. Apologies if this has been posted before, but had me in stictches.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F4HScJOW84
  17. I moved to the N&P from the Barclay a few years ago when I started taking my boys. There was often the odd moan in the Barclay, but generally the atmosphere was really good. The N&P was a real shock as the constant moaning is a distraction and so counter productive. Every game is the same for me with the three chaps behind deciding which player they don''t like and then laying in to them for every slight mistake, whilst ignoring any errors from the other players. I think they do it because they are insecure about their knowledge of football so by saying "look I told you he is rubbish and Hughton doesn''t know what he is doing" makes them feel better.
  18. I really like Paul Lambert, top manager who did very well for us.
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