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  1. Good defender but lacks some of the more technical abilities needed for the Premier League. That''s why I guess Paul Lambert preferred more ''footbally'' types like Ayala and Whitbread (and even Russell Martin) at CB last season to try and pass the ball out of defense. Just clearing the ball up the pitch, like Barnett often did (and giving the opposition the ball straight back) can be too costly at this level.
  2. Reckon the players had anything to do with the collar change? You''ve seen how some of the players often tore the collar prior to a game, presumeably because it was a bit tight around the neck...
  3. Personally, this is my favourite statistic:http://stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/PR/ptsgain.htmlShows we''ve carried on from last season, we''re difficult to beat and we never give up!OTBC!
  4. Has Holty defended himself with "I''m not racist, one of my best strike-partners is Welsh!" yet?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL1W0eJToLMFound this video from a fan, which has a great view of it. Clearly seems to roll down the player''s arm. One of those decisions you take if they''re for you but moan at if they''re against you. About time we got some penalty-related luck.
  6. Kings of Leon and The Strokes i''ve always seen as a bit overrated, despite liking one or two of their songs. RHCP are worshipped by some and again, although i like some of their tracks, i don''t have them at the sort of godlike status that others do. And i guess it''s probably just me who thinks the Beatles are the most overrated band of all time.. Yes, i can see how they were ''influential'' and everything but some of their songs are terrible and i''ve never really understood the hype over some of their music, although they were well before my time.
  7. Personally, i''m quite surprised no championship club has seen it worth taking a punt on Cody, scored a lot of goals in League 2 last year. He''s a natural finisher and given the right supply, will score a lot of goals at any levels. The way i see it, natural finishers know where the goal is and the goals don''t get any smaller in the higher leagues (as far as i''m aware). So it stands to reason that in a better team, Cody will score more goals. The same way we got Holt from being top scorer in League 2 to firing us into the Prem. In my eyes, Cody is surely worth a gamble.
  8. I don''t think Lambert will ever tell his players to "settle for the draw". However, I believe he and his team will have put a lot of effort into making the team capable of dealing with large periods of defending, as this is more of a likelihood against some of the better teams. But this won''t be a matter of ''playing for a point'' though, this is more a matter of "When the other team have the ball, don''t let them score" as I''m certain our approach to playing teams will not change all that much, with regards to when we have the ball at least. Many of the teams will be wary of us as an unknown quantity in the Prem this year and Lambert will want teams worrying about us, not the other way around.
  10. "I''m absolutely clear in my mind with what players I want to continue to play a part here over the next few years. But I''m also aware that there will be a number of players that will leave the club. We have to replace those with new players; new heroes." - Glenn Roeder.
  11. Anyone thought of making a complaint to the Beeb? The least we can do is make an attempt to get this utter arse-face to lose his job. Pretty unimpressed with his lack of professionalism... From what i understand, he needlessly sparked this issue against Norwich fans as a whole, solely on a few twitter comments?
  12. Totally agree. If someone had said we''d get in Snodgrass, Whitingham & Morrison and to a lesser extent, Vaughan. I''d have been chuffed to bits! Let''s just hope they all happen and then we can work on strengthening the defense, or at least increase competition for places throughout the squad and i think we''ll have a great chance of staying up. OTBC!
  13. As PL has stated on numerous occasions, our current squad have earned the right to play at this level. They''ve only had a handful of premier league appearances throughout the entire squad and as a team, they have a lot to prove. Yes, Lambert will bring in players to strengthen what we already have but i don''t think he''ll be majorly disrupting the team we already have. PL will add competition for places, no one we bring in will be a ''first name on the teamsheet'' without having earned it in his performances first.Personally i think we''ll start next season with a pretty similar team to how we ended this season, just with more quality throughout the squad. It is unquestionably, a massive step up for the squad, but they''ve earned the right to play against the big boys now. Some of the football we played last season was more than worthy of gracing the pitches of Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Anfield and the Emirates.I''m sure Lambert will invest wisely in players he believes can make the step up and help the lads already here and no one can label someone ''championship standard'' without them having a chance to player at a higher level. For example, before the Scunthorpe game, would people have said Simeon Jackson was even Championship standard? Players need chances to prove themselves and this is the one thing Paul Lambert has used to his advantage tremendously and long may it continue.
  14. Is it just me who is actually in favour of the 1 year rolling contract?From what i understand (and i may be wrong), but with a 1 year rolling contract, this means that his contract is always a year from expiration until it is bought out/cancelled etc. This therefore means that should a team approach Lambert, we will be entitled to, let''s call it ''X'' amount of compensation and this figure will never change and as long as Lambert plans on staying, this will never be an issue anyway.This surely makes more sense from a financial point of view as it means that his contract can be improved (like it has been revealed today) in correlation to the club''s success and that X figure will rise in correlation to this also. Another advantage to this as is that, god forbid, we ever wish to terminate Lambert''s contract, we will be saving ourselves more money in that we won''t have to buy out an expensive, long term contract. Therefore, we are left with a low-risk strategy where if we wish to get rid of an expensive manager for whatever reason, we are not forking out a lot of money in doing so. I mean, we don''t have to look beyond a neighbouring county to see an example of a highly paid manager doing badly and his contract needing to be bought out...When considering all this, i think this is also the sort of thing Mcnally considered when he first came in and hired Lambert. I''m not saying i wouldn''t like to see Lambert commit to a long-term future at the club by signing a 3/4 year deal, especially when he''s currently one of the hottest properties in football management and so the risk factor is even lower. But currently, as things are going so well, as Lambert has never even considered leaving NCFC and has no plans to in the near future, i can fully understand the board''s decision to stick with the rolling contract for the time being at least.Cheers to everyone who''s taken their time to read what i have to say and I''m interested to hear everyone else''s thoughts on this particular debate.P.s. WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE!
  15. The opposite of a glory supporter? I''ve always just referred to them as Ipswich fans...
  16. Agreed! The ticket to the Pompey game was the best money i''ve ever spent. Sod a trip to Wembley.
  17. I was at Shepherds Crook too, was awesome! Can''t totally believe everything that''s happened today. Such an incredible day and think i''m going to wake up any second. Unbelievable support, can''t praise our fans enough, especially for a Monday night which was on sky, top credit to all city fans for their fantastic support over the course of the season. OTBC!!! :D :D :D :D
  18. Their goalie for the 5-1 game would get my vote every day of the week :D But seriously, i have always really liked Bullard before he went to Ipswich and i''d quite happily forgive him if he were to put a city shirt on next season :)
  19. [quote user="Excited Canary"][8] When I see City, I go out of my head, I just can''t get enough, I just can''t get enough,My blood runs green and yellow and I''m City born and bred, I just can''t get enough, I just can''t get enough,I picked my team and I fell in love, and I just can''t seem to get enough of,du du du du du du du du du du [8][8] I wanna go home, I wanna go hoooome, Portsmouth''s a shitole I wanna go home [Y][8] Come on youuuu yellows! Yellows! Yellows! Yellows [8] (Usually sang at a corner)[8] Paul Lambert''s green army [8][8] There''s only one Paul Lambert [8][8] Oley, oley, oley, oley, oley, oley, oley, oley going up up up! [8][8] Wesley Hoolahan, Hoolahan, Wesley Hoolahan nanananana [8][8] Grant Holt, we fucking love Grant Holt [8]and of course...OTBC will be the most sung songs Monday night!There ya go [Y] [:P][/quote]Haha! Cheers EC, legend :P
  20. My mates and I are all going to The Good Companion. Heard it was the away pub and it quite close to the away end anyway :)
  21. I live in Portsmouth, am 18, supported NCFC all my life, still a full-time student, play football on Saturdays and have a job a few days a week and my A2 exams (the important ones!) are starting up in less than a month too! I rush home from football every single Saturday, whack on Canary player and listen for the last part of the game (usually the most exciting bit anyway...). There really aren''t that many games for us south coast fans anyway, but i go whenever i can (e.g. Saints away twice last season). Obviously i don''t get to see City play as much as i''d like and i just wanted to be up to date with most things. Regardless of whether you were just having a bit of fun and messing about or whatever, you didn''t actually offer anything constructive to the thread except unprovoked criticism, did you?Oh and P.S. My first choice University is the UEA, so suck it...
  22. I live in Portsmouth and play football on Saturdays you complete moron...
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