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  1. you have to be under 21 the date the qualification begins, I believe this is the 1st of August of that year
  2. This was my first ever game at Carrow Road, Would love to see footage of it again!!
  3. remember meeting him and Megson in Bonds''s as it was then the Monday after his double at Highbury, real nice guy
  4. ahh we have had a few dodgy foreigners haven''t we.... How about Ulf Ottason?
  5. personally the first time i saw us win at Portaloo Rd, Bellamy scoring header
  6. James Harper anyone just relseased by Sheff Utd
  7. nice to see we can win games when we are not playing our best...not always been a strong point for us. also refreshing to see a manager who will change things when not going to plan
  8. The club certainly were engineering to sell him during that Transfer Window. Comments such as we don''t want to sell our star asset one day become everyone has a price the next. We even didn''t play him in the Cup so he wasn''t cuptied, ironically against West Ham
  9. Always have a soft sport for him for that winner at Portaloo Road. I actually remember hearing Mike Walker say to a few people at a club roadshow just at the time Bellamy hit the scene that he though Llewellyn would actually turn out to be a better player, oh how he got that one wrong!!!
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