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  1. bundo

    Steve Stone - Norwich city FC Plc

    Said by a man with 32, ooo plus posts often very shout one liners get a life !!
  2. bundo

    Brady, Redmond.

    You have reminded me why I don''t normally post on this site !!
  3. bundo

    Brady, Redmond.

    Look up the meaning of faith if you don''t understand.
  4. bundo

    Brady, Redmond.

    Why did Alex Neil take Brady off and leave Redmond on the bench so long in a game we needed to win? He needs to tell us if he is going to keep faith with the City fans.
  5. bundo


    Don''t think they even talked about the penatly, about par for mod.
  6. bundo

    Must drop ruddy

    Not been the same since Dave Watson the goalkeeping coach left.
  7. He didn''t even know you couldn''t be offside from a goal kick - had to be told during the commentary - plonker!!!!

  8. The bid is not from Villa, it is from Hull for 3.5 million.
  9. Don''t understand why we have developed this fear factor, we did''nt seam to have this against Chelsea, Man u, and Liverpool all away. In these matches we played great without showing fear. Hope the team can get back to this level again soon.
  10. I have had the same problem have had to login again.
  11. Well said Indy could''nt agree more.
  12. bundo


    He was also very very poor against Blackburn Res, the jury is out!
  13. bundo


    Agree ,Lambert should have said sorry to us the fans after that preformance! NOT HAPPY!
  14. bundo

    Aaron f*cking Wilbraham

    I agree he is crap!