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  1. When do they announce League 1 manager of the year?
  2. Hopefully the presentation will be something like this,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV8vOOMpKa0
  3. [quote user="wedgie"]I''m off to Millwall and swindon too, as well as Bristol City and probably charlton [/quote]maybe next season...
  4. "We only hate Wolves and Ipswich, hate Wolves and Ipswich", show them that they are of complete irrelevance to us.
  5. Most people''s choice would be Huckerby and rightly so, but what about the likes of Iwan Roberts, Rob Green, Adam Drury, Malky Mackay, Dion Dublin.....Or is it a one horse race?
  6. Can''t wait to sing abit of  "WE LOVE YOU"
  7. For anyone that''s interested Norwich v Leeds 79'' on the big match revisited, channel men and motors.
  8. looks like Ipswich are certain relegation candidates for next season then
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