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  1. Superb performance being made to look distinctly average with our non existent front two. Grabban and Jerome need to up their game.
  2. His all round game is just not up to standard, his touch in particular is absolutely appalling. Considering the size of our squad and the options Adams has available to him, I can''t quite understand why he is sticking with a first 11 that has struggled of late.
  3. Looks to me like this guy deserves an appology from the usual suspects that belittle and demean anyone who isn''t a regular poster. It keeps many away from the board who may also have genuine information they wish to share.
  4. So many deluded people on here. Multiple times today we were in fantastic positions and the final ball was awful. There are a number of players within our squad that are just not good enough!
  5. Not sure of the validity of this source but I suggest doubtful especially with the reported fee being so low, either way they suggest a fee has been agreed... http://thefootballmagazine.com/2013/01/28/norwich-want-van-wolfswinkel/
  6. Dutch media now suggesting RVW is close to a move... http://bit.ly/TN923E
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