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  1. I''ve seen reports this could be happening very soon. Anyone ITK?
  2. Can''t wait for Garry Monk to be announced tomorrow!!!
  3. Agree Morty. I know AN likes a spearhead focal point, which allows players to link, go beyond, play of, but we also have some terrific offensive players in Wes, Pritchard, Murphy twins, Wildshut, Naismith, Madison, Howson and maybe Jarvis if ever fit
  4. If we have such bad luck as to lose Jerome to an injury, then instead of using Lafferty, Wildshut could be used as a lone striker and has been used before at Wigan. Believe he is not truly fit and firing on all cylinders yet,after an injury before he joined, but will get sharper the more game time he gets. Fingers crossed Jerome can stay fit and keep his superb workrate he always shows
  5. Jerome Onguene fromy Soch auxiliary was the young defender who nearly joined in the summer
  6. Can see what you are saying. I like the look of him in a number 10 type of player role, but who will get guaranteed goals. Naismith may come good, but we know Wes will not score enough. Like the look of Kodjia but can''t see ambitious Bristol City doing business as a lone striker. Bargain wise, James Wilson seems to be surplus at Man United and we''ll be worth a gamble?
  7. Goals will get us out of the championship, not playing for your country and earning caps. Having international players doesn''t guarantee you anything!
  8. I can see this happening! Yes it would represent a huge gamble but looking at the top scorers in the championship last season, there is no one else near him for goals and assists, who could be available. He is a very clever player and most importantly is a proven goal scorer
  9. Why will Bamford rumours gain momentum because Palace have signed Abebayor!!?? He is at Chelsea!!!
  10. Tonights result or performance will massively change opinions quickly. If we get a positive result v stoke and Muff, then everyone will state we have enough quality to survive. On the other hand 2 disappointing results or performances and normal slating of the boards failure to invest and little ole Norwich not being able to attract players! The next 2 games will mould so much for this whole season
  11. Agree Morty. Could hit the ground running. He is currently fit, no language barrier. Dont know where he lives but relocating shouldnt be a problem. Good links to London where friends and family are. Young with big future ahead. Maybe Holty could sell the club to him. Im sure they would have had a conversation or two! Alternatively bring in a foreign player who needs to be sold the club, time to adjust and settle, language problems,etc
  12. Read a report from mirror saying we have been trying to contact his agent today to avoid missing out Cant do links but if you Google Benik Afobe and then heading News ( page 2 or 3 ) on there. Any truth in it??
  13. I bet he would be trying to prove himself in the Prem. I have no doubt, he would score goals for Bournemouth
  14. Would be seriously gutted to miss out on Afobe, even if it is 12m. The lad is strong, quick, athletic, hungry, young, scores all types of goals and wouldnt need time to settle in a foreign country. Absolute no brainer imo. We should be breaking our backs and bank to get him
  15. Its not just about money with signing players. these players potentially have wives and possibly young children settled in their early school life. You cant just expect that a club waving dosh at you is going to make you want to go and move your children away from school and settle in another country and not all footballers wives are obsessed by being Wag material. Some even have careers of their own to pursue. This is just touching upon the many various factors to be considered by players transferring away from clubs. Many transfers between English clubs are complicated enough due to things like this. These factors are not decided one night over a cup of tea and a hobnob!
  16. Nikolas Nkoulou seems a player whilst being linked with Chelsea and Liverpool would potentially be more open to coming to play for us. Seb could sell the club to him as a Cameroon team mate. We could afford to buy and given Marseille are struggling in a poor French league unlikely to qualify for European football, we could be seen as a progressive move, depending on his family and settling in this area. Playing in the EPL for us is a possible major stepping stone to attracting bigger clubs
  17. Seriously would love an experienced Italian international and former captain from Inter to sign but this looks like we are punching above our weight here. Stoke and Swansea do attract players of similar ilk, but have been established longer in the Prem. They also had well known Managers like Hughes and Laudrup at the time. We have a great young upcoming manager who is building a reputation for himself and I think trying to attract hungry players from the UK is our best option for now.( Dunk, Lees, Caulker, Naismith, Afobe) Two established seasons in the Prem, then I think we can become more attractive to potential signings. Defensively we have to sign some quality. Don''t feel we will have a problem with scoring goals and so far we have not
  18. Doesn''t look bad except that I hope Whittaker is up for dealing with their danger man Gray who plays on the left. Would have rather Martin play there
  19. Bournemouth have a team who technically very good in possession. All the players have great first touches and their passing accuracy is great. When in possession they stretch the pitch out in length and width. Two good wide players who are both two footed and a neat and tidy Surman doing a David Fox type role. They are the most consistent team in this division but we managed to take 4 points off them (should have been 6)
  20. Another option I have thought about is James McClean at Wigan. Powerful and scores goals.seems like his career has stalled somewhat( drinkdrive conviction and poppy refusal) Always decent at international level,25 years old, might not fancy league 1 with wigan and hopefully wes can have a word! Gotta be enough reasons there!
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