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  1. Didn''t see or hear a thing, just a quiet walk back to the car park. Anyway, there was only maybe 200-300 fans that did any singing at all for Brom. I think the rest had come for a nap, or to read a book...
  2. Just came up while I was playing Football Manager, have Norwich ever had a Brazilian player? Or even any South American for that matter?
  3. So it''s Cardiff next Saturday, and I get to walk down the road to the new Lego Stadium.My problem is, do we cheer Craig Bellamy? I can''t remember far back enough to know whether he went on good terms or not. But he''s a former Canary and one of the best players to go through in a while. But then again, he''ll be in a Cardiff shirt, and it''ll make me feel dirty...Help?
  4. [quote user="Jim Smith"]It was an opportunity missed and i asked McNally about this towards the end of last season. Basically there were a multitude of factors but chief amongst them was the fact that the bids and submissions had to be in before Mcnally and Bowkett joined the board and at that time looking at ways of expanding the ground was not top of the priority list. I am sure that if the opportunity arose again we might not be so slow on the uptake![/quote]I wondered if this was the case. I thought back and thought the bidding process may have been in the takeover period and so dropped down the priority list. Plymouth and MK Dons have only got it because they have to spread it around country. What a shame it won''t be in Norwich.
  5. Ok, i understand there isn''t a motorway, but Plymouth is a long way from nearly everywhere...And I meant if it''s plausible for MK Dons, Bristol and Plymouth to get the money to expand to 40,000 with virtually no chance of ever filling it, why not Norwich? The board say we''d be self-financing at 35,000 in the premiership, I would have hoped they would have considered the idea of getting a massive chunk of money from the FA and FIFA to make it happen and put Norwich on the map. I think it''s a big opportunity missed...
  6. Been looking up the England 2018 bid, and I knew Norwich wasn''t in the bid as a host city, but does anyone know if they even applied? If Bristol and Plymouth can make it and get their stadiums boosted to 40,000+, why couldn''t Norwich? I know getting to Norwich isn''t easy for most people, but it''s surely better than Plymouth? Maybe we''d also finally get some dual carriageways. Plus Norwich has a great reputation for a positive, friendly atmosphere and would fill every game. Any ideas if they applied, and if not, why not?
  7. Lol, i thought the attendance was 1945, then realised that was the kick off time... *stands in corner*
  8. Just occured to me, could Grant Holt rise to the same or a similar level to Darren Huckerby in the eyes of the fans? He seems to have a big following so far, of course scoring as many goals as he has done will endear any player to a new club, but coud he have that little bit extra? He was recently sent off for a nasty challenge but wasn''t roundly criticised. And do you think it''s good to have a player rise to such a status, do we become over-reliant on them or does it give us a lift?
  9. Norwich - WWWWWWWDWWWDWWW  F 37  A 9   CS 9Leeds     - LWWWWDWDDWWWDLLL  F27  A14  CS 6Interesting stats I believe. And as I like to remind my leeds supporting mate, the only difference between us was the 93rd minute and Forster very briefly being a spanner.  I think Leeds will pick up form again though, it''s an inevitable run of bad results that any team will get now and then. Dare I say it, Norwich''s may be yet to come...
  10. Greeno would be at Chelski so they could fill their English player quotient which is bound to come in soon... And according to football manager he has no sell-on clause...
  11. And didn''t we have some kind of sell-on clause on him too? Won''t be collecting on that now will we?
  12. I don''t like Chris Martin because he bad-mouthed me on Football Manager. I think that''s reasonable.
  13. Also using a N96, works great. Love the wallpapers too, I now have Jeremy Goss proudly on my phone background [:D]
  14. How about Danny Haynes and some other berk doing a whole little choreographed dance to the opposition fans whilst the ball was halfway up the pitch after the goal being disallowed? Classic stuff!
  15. Aren''t we the only team to top the Premiership with a minus goal difference? There''s another to be proud of...
  16. Go Wes would be amazing if after a couple of chants, the whole crowd could change the key up together... Probably not going to happen though...
  17. In the county of Wymondham, Happisburgh and Costessey, I guess anything''s possible... Perhaps Alnwick is pronounced ''Shackleton'' or Bananarama?
  18. I enjoyed the sheff utd game at home a few years ago, where the away fans started chanting at a fan in the barclay with a pink shirt "who''s the rent boy in the pink? who''s the rent boy in the pink?"  made me chuckle... Also enjoyed my two trips to ninian park where we chanted "you''ll never fill you new ground!" in reference to their 13000 fans and their new 25000 seat stadium over the road... they responded by swearing... lots... witty bunch over there...
  19. At the inevitable risk of being slagged off for my ''inside info'', I can say I know Norwich have paid just under 300k to shrewsbury, and about 70k to preston.  This is just raw fugures, I don''t know about any future payments, but this is what has been paid so far...
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