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  1. Would love to see Adam Lallana here, and I think is a perfect Paul Lambert signing. Reckon signing him for 3-4 million would be a very astute buy. Just a case of persuading Southampton/him that it is worth the move
  2. http://www.twtd.co.uk/news.php?storyid=17995&title=murray_nets_twice_as_reserves_beat_norwich there was definitely a friendly so perhaps something in this
  3. Apparently pre season started last monday, but could well be gym/fitness work. Definitely last monday though
  4. [quote user="NCFC-47"]Did you edit it? a while ago Macheda was in the squad haha btw i didnt edit his profile[/quote] No it had gone by the time i''d clicked on it! never trust wiki
  5. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"][quote user="MoCamara"]2 for me, my uni flat have had this argument regularly in the last week, its 9 v 1 in englands favour![/quote]Surely none of them are die hard supporters of their clubs then?[/quote] That''s what I said (one of them is even a Norwich fan) but they all said this could be the only time we win it in our lifetime etc. Though I now have somewhat of an anti-england reputation!
  6. 2 for me, my uni flat have had this argument regularly in the last week, its 9 v 1 in englands favour!
  7. Thanks pete, think it may be due to using google chrome, am currently watching the video on internet explorer and it''s fine
  8. can anyone tell me which plugin is required to watch videos on the main site? can''t seem to find it, cheers
  9. I am not simply ''making up'' a source, I am merely sharing information to you, as I thought you would be interested. I don''t know what will happen, and the future is not concrete. Why would I make it up?
  10. I have been well informed by a source very close to the club that if the club are well within the play offs, but not looking like getting automatic promotion, we will have to go into administration. We can''t afford not to seems to be the line coming from him as the financials of the club truly are terrible.
  11. I believe, i may be wrong, that Mr Adeyemi may have a rather large soft spot for Tottenham Hotspur.
  12. OTJ is with Wales so he won''t be playing, so we know there will be one change in the middle of the park, i reckon adeyemi will get the nod. I think tactically we were poor on saturday with Holt and Martin often isolated, and whilst uninspiring i think a flat 4-4-2 with Maric/Holt(Our Platt) and Mcdonald (Our Lisbie), would be far more effective as was proven at the weekend.
  13. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="Duffman"][quote user="ndhscanary"] Looks like Otsemobor has not changed one bit with that awful backpass there. Really have got to get rid of him Is it just me or is anyone else failing to actually recognise who any of those people are [/quote] Dont let the facts get in the way of a good witch hunt.   Back pass was by Spillane. I was rather positive about us until I saw that footage.   Very shocking at the back and Matty Pattison has not been working on his passing I see. [/quote]   Agree that the defence looked very suspect, although Drury''s last ditch tackle was exceptional. Despite Chris Lakey''s comment last night, the little shown of him suggests that Maric is a bit pedestrian, but good to see Matty Patty looking lively again, although, as you rightly say, his passing didn''t look too cracky on occasions. Still think he could be a big player in League One if given the chance. [/quote]   Maric was only in two clips and in both he almost scored? Are you sure you were watching the same player! That Craig lad looked farely nippy and dangerous as well.
  14. [quote user="TheCardinal"][quote user="MoCamara"][quote user="TheCardinal"] I do have to laugh. The guy''s not even pulled on a city shirt yet and some people are slating him. Preston fans didn''t rate Dickson Etuhu. Now look where he is. Preston fans seem to rate Darel Russell and Chris Brown. Two players I think most Norwich fans would give negative views on. It''s all a matter of perspective. I for one would welcome Whaley and reserve my opinion until I see him play in the yellow and green. I would hope most reasonable people would agree.  [/quote]   Yet why slate all of our other signings who were rated by former clubs? Hypocrisy is rife in this forum [/quote] I''m not sure why you''ve directly quoted my post and then suggested I''ve been hypocritical. I''ve not slated any of our other signings. I think we''ve done well in the market so far.   Sorry was not directed at you more the attitude on here in general [/quote]
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