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  1. I would say,1.Birmingham2.Leicester3.Burnley4.Leeds5.West Ham6.CardiffHate to say it (since my boss supports them) but I think Forest will lose a lot of their ''stars'' this summer & struggle to get promoted next season. Perhaps 6th place for them at a push. I think that even then it depends on how much money the likes of Cardiff, Leicester & Leeds etc are likely to spend with a couple of their bigger names leaving in the summer.
  2. Moving away from tho whole ''who are city signing'' items. Gotta work LOADS over next few months & have a phone from the dark ages (so unable to use t''internet) & was considering the Official Club Text service for all the transfer news etc... ... anybody know if this is any good?
  3. would LOVE for this to happen but as previously mentioned wages will be a stumbling block. I think because they were Champions League this year his wages will just be too far out of our price range. I''ll keep my fingers crossed anyhoo though! LOL
  4. Jay Rodriguez? Would battle well with Jackson, keep them at the top of their game. Seems to have an incredible knack of being in the right place at the right time (or is this just a good footballing brain?)
  5. Sordell, good shout. Young, hungry to play, hit 15 this season I think so wouldn''t be surprised if Lambert tried to sign him.
  6. Got a feeling Malky will want a bit more than 2.5mil for Graham though, top scorer in the Championship got to be worth 4mil+ ?!?!
  7. Lets hope Lambert will match it if accepted, if not I would like to see Maynard here!
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