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  1. You obviously have a very short memory.  Don''t worry we can discuss it again in January.
  2. It''s been a fantastic ride from League One and I''m sure we will not forget it.  But we are down and unless we are lucky a long, long season awaits next year in the hoofball of the championship.
  3. After our second half against the champions to be and with Manure in disarray, we can at least say there has never been a better time to have a go.
  4. RVW gets a hard time on this forum.  The actual truth is he pulls the defence around far more than Hooper who is more central and doesn''t push defenders.  Both are poor passers, neither is scoring, but RVW actually stretches the defence intelligently.So RVW should start.
  5. Sacking him was nuts.  The one thing everyone agrees on is that Hughton could set-up and grind draws and wins out of the big teams.  We have four of those to play.
  6. Unless Adams is nuts not much will change.  It''s a case of trying to gee the boys up to perform, so chopping things around will complicate it for no reason.  So actually I reckon no different to Hughton, it''s the mentality changes that will be interesting to watch.Key thing to remember is no matter what you all want, Adams will just be thinking "don''t get beat".
  7. "it is well known that posting an opinion cannot be wrong."So if I post an opinion that is hugely racist, will that be dismissed as an opinion can''t be wrong?Use your loaf.
  8. Why do you assume Elmander will start out wide??Holding pair of Johnson and FerElmander central with Howson and Redmond wide and Hooper up top surely?But why Wes is not there is a complete mystery.
  9. I''m off the fence as well.  He has now had the time to show his own squad and what it can do.We have not played well all season for a whole game and against any big team we utterly crumble.Away against a Liverpool team that is poor at the back, you have to go there with an attacking mindset, to relieve the pressure.  Hooper, Redmond, Murphy and Hoolahan, all should have started with Fer and Howson providing deeper options.But all we did was go there with no pace and Hoolahan out wide and hoped we could cling on.Suicide.And when we went two down, EVERYONE apart from our manager it appears, would have at least brought on Hooper and Murphy to try and give Liverpool some problems. He has to go.
  10. Perhaps Fer said he would bundle him if he scored. Perhaps he decided halfway across the pitch jumping on the manager wasn''t appropriate.Nah, lets turn it into another load of shite about how the dressing room hates the manager.
  11. We got becchio in to get Morison out.  Simple.If he was any good he would get game time.But don''t let that stop the Hughton vendetta.[quote user="lincoln canary"]It is really poor man management. Hughton has literally destroyed his career. He should be given a chance especially since our poor goal scoring record. Do you think Becchio currently gives a toss whether we win or not?[/quote]
  12. What is astonishing is nobody has actually called the formation right yet.It is 4-2-3-1Holding pair of Fer and Johnson/TetteyThree attacking midfilders, one in the "hole"One up top with responsibility to ball and  bring in the three attacking midfielders.
  13. Did I say I agreed with it?No I dont think he should be sacked.  On another day we would have beaten Villa.But yes I''m going to try and make some money out of it.You are still pantwetters and you will all start bleating like children when the new names are in the frame. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]So interesting to see certain board bully boys subtly adjusting their position on Chris Hughton as they sense the wind is changing. You know who you are. I wasn''t afraid to express my views on Hughton''s ability as Norwich manager last year along with some others. But I''m not gloating at Hughton and I don''t see many of his initial detractors gloating at him either. Stand by your man and when the tide turns try to make a few bob out of his downfall. I don''t like his football or his management style but wouldn''t pick over his carcass. Where are the cries of ''pantwetters'' or don''t you people feel you have the security of numbers anymore? I don''t hear the players coming out and defending CH either. I don''t hear the admissions of letting him down with poor play (as happened) and that is telling too?[/quote]
  14. Bearing in mind the OP''s record if you don''t just get a bet on right now then you are going to miss out.
  15. Snodgrass moaned at the Wolf for not making a run, then later when he did, right through the centre, Snodgrass took another touch ad lost it.He is not 100% match fit.To say he is rubbish is so ignorant it''s not worth addressing.
  16. What are you going to moan about for the next week, you pantwetting tw@ts?
  17. Twaddle. User your eyes.[quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]We usually setup 4-4-1-1, and away from Carrow Road it is looking more like a 4-5-1 these days It is nothing like the 4-2-3-1 from the 10 game unbeaten run anymore.[/quote]
  18. We played 4-2-3-1 in all our games this season and most last season.Again, stunning lack of knowledge.  Hughton out!
  19. It''s really quite revealing to see people banging on about Elmander sitting in the hole.  It shows the lack of knowledge on display.Elmander moaned about his time at Bolton because he was forced into attacking midfield roles.  He sees himself as a striker and scores when he actually plays there.He is not a Wes replacement.
  20. This is a simply amazing post.  Claims 4-4-2 doesn''t have to be rigid, then advocates a completely different 4-4-1-1 formation to justify the insanity of the statement."442 doesn''t have to be as hated or rigid as you think. Can easily drop 1 striker behind the other and it''s 4411? I''d like to see us play 2 strikers with but one further forward"
  21. Amazing.  Are Norwich fans stuck in the 70''s?Not one single team played 4-4-2 last saturday, not one.In the thread here we have people asking for 4-4-2 and then saying it would actually be a 4-4-1-1, which isn''t 4-4-2 and could also be classed as 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1.Every premier league team plays 4-4-1-1 / 4-2-3-1.So please stop thinking 2 strikers = goals.
  22. Passing isnt his strength, he is the ball winner and the tracker.  He needs to be next to Fer who can pas it when given it.So stop trying to find bloody fault in EVERY aspect of our team and club.
  23. If you were Hughton, with a moronic bunch of fans screaming for your job, would you have played butterfield, Fox and Becchio last night.There''s your answer.
  24. "unless we pull our socks up pretty quickly we could be in big trouble by the end of October."Based on a creditable draw and a poor loss, I struggle to see how you come to that conclusion.The knee jerk reactions on here are pathetic.
  25. This is a classic example of the lala land some people are in.You need to get your head checked out mate.[quote user="HerefordCanary"]When the fixtures came out I looked at them straight away and thought, 9 points from the first 3 games there, and I''m still quietly confident that this is achievable after some decent performances in pre season. It''ll be a bit more difficult with Fer out against Everton but if we can sneak a win there I don''t see why we can''t win all 3. But then again, when was the last time we won the opening game? Does anyone else think we can get 9 points in the first 3 games? If not, how many?[/quote]
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