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  1. I can''t believe you don''t understand how odds work.Do you think the bookies are "in the know" and adjust them as they go?It just means more people are putting money on him.  Those people know no more than you or me, there are just lots of them betting.But don''t let facts get in the way of your "clueless board" rant. [quote user="Long drives home"]I can''t believe people are still speculating. Its Malky hence he is now 1/12 with the bookmakers. Did you ever expect anything actually remotely more than the obvious choice from our board of football genius! People that said nobody was available in January. They got lucky with Lambert because he humiliated us 7-1! Probably got the job after a who shall we appoint now then? What about him over there conversation. They have never been good at this and never will be.[/quote]
  2. Based on what?  How do you know this "fact".I would be astonished if the board think Sherwood is the man to lead us out of the Championship.[quote user="Paul"]The reason for the delay as I put in another thread is that the first choice of Sherwood was a done deal until West Brom started sniffing around him and he wanted to wait and see, so we now have to wait or go with the number 2 choice which looks like Malkay and would be so underwhelmed if it is.[/quote]
  3. Ludicrous comments on the radio. Saying the board are pressured by fans wanting an immediate appointment.THE BOARD MADE THE DEADLINE!Now they are on the radio to smooth over the fact they fecked up their own deadline and now look stupid.Having said that, it''s obvious from Delia''s comments that the new manager is all but done and Neil Adams is Plan B should he fall through.So it''s Malky barring a last minute West Bom deal.
  4. So Neil Adams will get the job if nobody else is given it basically.Adams is plan B.
  5. Well they have until midnight Sunday to keep the promise in the statement the club made.  So something should start being heard today.
  6. It''s Lennon.  Has been ever since he was at the Fulham game.
  7. Opening up your brain would make you realise that poster was referring to people clinging to an awful player who has moved on as the next big thing if they ever came back.[quote user="Norfolk Mustard"][quote user="Hughtons Anti Football"]Kei Kamara is the modern day Dani Pacheco.[/quote] Yes indeed; height, weight, playing position, looks, race, religion, values, beliefs - I mean the list of similarities goes on and on doesn''t it? You are kidding I take it? [/quote]
  8. They won''t go for Adams.  They are well aware a name with a record is needed.
  9. "while playing slow, ponderous, rigid football."Some of you will get a serious reality check come August.  The whole championship plays that way!
  10. Wow, aren''t you a complete moron.[quote user="River end canary"]The bad news just keeps on coming. He screwed away the biggest transfer budget in our history, accepts he got it badly wrong re Hughton and appoints a radio commentator as manager and after all that he wants to carry on. Couple that with the fact he hacked off the Messiah so much he had to go and people want him to stay. God help us next season.   [/quote]
  11. its Norwich City thats broken not RVWNail. Head.Holt?  Even he did sod all last year.
  12. We will be one of the few teams ever to go down without being in massive financial difficulties.  We don''t NEED the parachute payments next season at least.We have a decent squad of players who will not interest premier league clubs that much, but who with a bit of weeding out and a few additions is more than good enough for the championship.The real issue is the board act NOW on the manager front.  An appointment needs to have been discussed for weeks and contact made.  That person needs to be in position to start the recruitment process as soon as Sunday is over.It''s obvious Malky and Lennon have been chatted to, so it seems they are working behind the scenes, so fingers crossed.
  13. Wow, libeling two coaches on a public forum about drug use.  Sure the Pinkun will be fine with that....
  14. These look fine?  Maybe in your Football Manager world.Ruddy- £8m - £4m topsSnodgrass- £6m -£3m Fer- £5m -£2/3mOlsson- £4m £2/3mTettey- £5m £1/2mWolfswinkel- £4m 2/3m
  15. People forget who rubbish the Championship is.  Chris Martin is doing well there!Wolf and co, if kept, will be more than enough for goals with the time and space they will get.It''s keeping hold of some of the assets to give them the ball, Howson, Redmond, Snodgrass, Fer, that is is challenge.
  16. Another downside to being kicked off the big boys table.  No live streams, no football first and no match of the day.
  17. "Tomorrow at Stamford Bridge will be the equivalent of a disorganised rabble wielding pointed sticks against a highly disciplined force armed with the latest bullet-firing technology. Not unlike Rorke''s Drift..."A poor analogy.  The Zulu army was anything but a rabble.  Hours earlier they proved more than capable of smashing a British force to bits.The only reason they didn''t take Rorke''s Drift is because they hadn''t eaten for about two days and just ran out of steam.History lesson over.We will get absolutely destroyed by Chelsea.
  18. "The plan" allowed for one relegation.  We have five years of parachute payments, so we will be one of the strongest squads in the Championship.However, did we have enough of a go financially with personnel?  That debate will go on forever.Blame Chris, or the players, but our strikers as a group have completely failed to score.  I know chances have been thin on the ground, but confidence has not been there.Wolfie with a year under his belt and some muscle would have come good in the prem for me.Hooper is totally unproven at this level and should never have been our second striker.  Look at Hull, Jelavic and Long banging them in, plus Davies and Huddlestone.  All players we should have and could have gone for.Anyway, we''re down.  It''s a collective failure and pinning blame on manager, players or board is pointless, what counts now is getting a strong squad together with the right manager for an immediate bound back.Depressingly exciting times.
  19. "Private David Jenkins one of 150 British soldiers who defended the mission station Rorke''s Drift against 4,000 Zulus in 1879"Yes those nasty old Zulu''s defending their homeland, how dare they.
  20. Will the wolf play football?There, fixed it for you.
  21. It''s not really scouting thoughts is it.What actually is the point of this?  Bored?  Preparing for your exams?
  22. Would Hughton have lost 3-2 at home to Liverpool? Perhaps his defensive tactics might have yielded a valuable point?So the truth is nobody knows if it was pant wetting or if we would be better off , so this thread is moronic.
  23. Kamara was worth keeping?  Thank god you lot don''t manage the club.
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