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  1. Delia wants control of the club, that is evident.
  2. An offline one in this day and age is unlikely.  I think the kick if off site is an online fanzine?
  3. Yes we had pace in the promotion team. Huckery tore teams to pieces.  We had Edworthy who could really steam up the right flank, we had MacKenzie, Gary Holt who could run all day,  Francis who could move quick and was powerful into the box,  crikey even Fleming could move at a decent burst of pace in those days.Compared to that we have no pace! [quote user="JuanVelasco"][quote user="Shyster"] [quote user="The Chirp"]your reaction is typical of this mb actually! He can play central as well as right i think you''ll find. But yes... he does play right midfield. [/quote]   He may well play on the flank, but he isn''t fast enough. For the thousandth time I''ll say it again - in fact I''ll shout it out: WE HAVE NO F*CKING PACE IN THE SQUAD!! [/quote] To say we dont have any is wrong. Dont have much yes, but dont have any? No...... We have Cody McDonald with pace.  Jon Otsemober has pace. Did we have pace in the promotion team? I can only really think of Huckerby and Rivers. We could do with a pacey winger, to counter attack with McDonald...... but other than that, I cant see where we need any. We need one pacey left winger or right winger. I would sooner see a target man up front, and in terms of pace...... Alan Lee is pretty quick for a big man......         [/quote]
  4. A couple of decent loans in January might boost the squad for the second half of the season, but to start the season with any loans would for me be a warning sign.
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