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  1. [quote user="paul moy"]Let''s see how we do against Ipswich.[/quote]Why?  Are you totally mental?So what if we beat them?It''s papering over the cracks for a couple more games.WAKE UP
  2. It''s hardly his fault he is exposed time and time again.FARKE OUT.
  3. LOL he is another blinkered t*t.
  4. Our squad is better than Farke is making it.HE HAS TO GO.
  5. [quote user="paul moy"]I await Ricardo''s verdict.  We have been undone by a good side IMO and people are far too negative.   I for one did not expect us to win. [/quote]Too negative?You are a fool.
  6. Four wins in 20.No subs.No clue.FARKE HAS TO GO
  7. 3-0Shocking.  Shameful.People cannot defend Farke any longer.  Needs to go today.
  8. Just bumping this thread.  So the idiots can see who they were....He has to go.
  9. Same old sideways and backwards passing.Three strikers on in the end...with no supply.Leave your two creative midfielders on the bench.Play a half fit Tettey.Move creative midfielder making an impact ...to left back to bring on an inexperienced third striker.Have to come from behind twice, through two lucky moments of brilliance from a player who needed creative supply.Shocking defensive issues.Husband starting - why not put Stiepermann, or anyone else in the world, there instead?New season.  Same problems as all last season.He will be gone by October.
  10. Already had.  Nothing listed.[quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="ref89"]RIP Wiziwig[/quote]only that url...try.to at the end...[/quote]
  11. Don''t you love how people moan at the thought of a well thought of young Scottish manager coming here.Remember the last one?Numpties.
  12. I''m pretty sure that a man with the track record as a coach that Phelan has was "cheap" to bring in and would not be "cheap" to promote to manager.
  13. usually there are live streams for the games, but last game and today - nothing listed on wiziwig?
  14. Any manager with a brain would have made peace with Bassong.  He''s our best CB by a mile.
  15. Complete strawman argument.I did not say he had success, I pointed out he mas far more experience than Adams.  The point you decided to ignore. What Fergusons assistants did is utterly irrelevant.
  16. What nonsense.Our squad is the strongest in the division.  Or are you seriously saying Readings was better today?It''s about motivation, tactics, personnel and basics, like beating the first man on a cross, filling the midfield and not continuing the play a right back in the centre.
  17. I''d take his 8 years standing next to Ferguson and winning everything as a bit more than zero experience.[quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Pie in the sky stuff. If Adams is sacked, we will scour Europe and find the best candidate is already at the club: Mike Phelan (zero experience as a boss).[/quote]
  18. TAXI ![quote user="jas the barclay king"]why would someone who has won things at one of the biggest clubs in the world, with some of the best players and possibly the greatest manager to have ever worked in the game come here? oh yeah.. he played for us once... [/quote]
  19. The fact that you seem to be saying that O''Neill is nothing but a ball winner shows you have no brain to give an opinion.[quote user="iron_stan"]no real width, we are basically playing with 4 central midfielders, 3 of which are nothing but ball winnersall a bit negative, looks like we are setting up to play for a drawbut my biggest concern is old man cueller and turner getting beasted by assombalonga, olsson the only one with any pace in the back 4 [/quote]
  20. I''ve been saying for ages that we needed to go back to 4231 and use Howson in the hole.  He keeps the play fast , where Hoolahan turns stupid left foot circles and slows it down.As far as I am concerned Hoolahan is toast.And it was obvious from O''Neil''s first 2 minutes on the pitch the other week that technically he is far superior to Johnson.  He is the Fox we need - he can whip in a deadball and pass well.  Alongside Tettey we look far stronger.
  21. "the result was certainly better, but the performance was very average, other than a quality player finishing"Which is what most people whined about in the premier league when we tonked teams, but did not score and then they did - like Chelsea.So what you''re saying is even when not at our best, we are quality when it needs to be.Do think before you post.
  22. Your theory would hold up if the turnover of fans in the lower barclay was high.It''s not.  I bet half the people sitting there have done for a decade.And the lower barclay is like a graveyard most of the time now and has been for several years. As for last night, 26K is fantastic.  Friday night.  On Sky.  At least 3000 people in the city with their kids for the Halloween event at the castle, plus Halloween parties.So your point is what exactly?
  23. Hoolahan can only play in the hole.  Otherwise he drifts around.  Watching the first half on Saturday, with him drifting in and Redmond doing the same, we lacked width, which stretched our full backs.Hoolahan in the hole or on the bench should be the rule.
  24. Wiziwig don''t stream ANY game.They simply list links to sites that do.If there is a stream it will be listed on Wiziwig.It''s not that hard to understand is it surely?
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