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  1. [quote user="HOCKEYMYHERO"]KEELAN CULVERHOUSE BARRY BUTLER MCKAY BOWEN MARTIN O''NEIL PETERS BELLAMY HUCKERBY RON DAVIES CHANNON[/quote] That is a team it would be hard to argue with - great shout Hockey. Class everywhere you look. I would like to find a place for a personal favourite Tommy Bryceland but it would be hard, a great side.
  2. CHRIS Woods was good but did not have the charisma and magic of KK, some might say Woods was technically better but Keelan''s sheer presence was worth a goal start. Hansbury was ok, nothing special. At the Theokilitis end of the scale I remember Peter Vasper whose attributes (or lack of) prompted some singing on the Barclay that I won''t repeat here. The lyrics were nothing to be proud of I have to say.  Clive Woods was a Norfolk boy I think, who played for the other lot before seeing the error of his ways and joining us.
  3. [quote user="YoungCanary"] Seems different compared to the times of keepers such as green, marshall, or even gunn. These were the keepers who could make a save that would inspire the rest of the team and lift the spirits and voices of the crowd. [/quote] ....and even further removed from Nethercott, Kennon, Woods and the King Kevin Keelan. We have a great tradition between the posts and of late we have tarnished it very sadly.  
  4. [quote user="Binky"] - do not judge him on managers'' insistence on playing him at LB - Lambert included. [/quote] How many times has Lambert played him at LB? Once? Twice? It makes sense for him to have a look at him in that position. I imagine PL now knows where Simon''s best position is. 10/10 for attitude - I agree with others this is the type of characters we need. Pleased for him.  
  5. Although a big fan of Hoolahan (and players of his ilk) IF this story is true can it be excused? I wonder what would happen to an ASDA employee who did a similar thing toa group of customers. I sincerely hope it is not true.
  6. It is a funny thing that sometimes those that scream "no objectivity" sometimes do not seem to exhibit objectivity themselves. Mick is as entitled to his opinion as any of us. Are we really expected to believe that Mick writes what he rights for a few visits to the inner sanctum a meal and drinks? Maybe the insight into the motivation of Delia and Michael is something we should draw strength from. None of us are perfect but in the work situation I always back those whose heart is in the right place. Mistakes happen, we learn from them, we can plan for them but you cannot buy or create passion where it does exist. Firing up the computer here in Oz on Sunday morning to get the result, I really thought the headline was a joke. They are having a laugh, it is the result of a 5 a side between Archants finest and some of Camulodunum''s mates. Sounds daft but I was so shocked that it would not sink in. If we had lost 1-2, 2-3 or something it would have been understandable, new team, neads to gel and all of that. But 7-1. My wife''s family are from Colchester and live 5 minute walk from the old Layer Road ground so I have had some of the most serious stick in 35 years. The result even made the news here because of our Aussie keeper. I will take encouragement from Mick Dennis'' words and continue to support the club. As I recall it, Gunn, Butterworth and Crook played in a pretty tasty team. They must know what it takes. To reiterate what someone else said when refusing to get excited about the pre-season hype they were urging caution and judging Gunn on 10 or 15 games. The same applies now surely? Is that not objective? Hopefully breakfast tomorrow will be accompanied by news of a league cup victory.    
  7. 1959 v Lincoln City, we won 5-1 if I remember correctly. I could almost pat Errol Crossan on the back at corner kicks - or so I thought.
  8. Just thought I would share this with you. I and a few others posted our thoughts as City fans on the Tractor Boys forum and they were well received by the Binners. Someone suggested a memorial charity match Town v City with the fans mixed in the stands as a fitting tribute to a great man. While the doubt is that the ''authorities'' would risk, how many agree that both sets of fans could put aside their differences for the occasion? Any idiots from either side would be putin their place by the decent majority surely?
  9. Sad news, a top man in football and more than that a top man in life. Local rivalry does not come into it despite Binner connections, nothing but respect for Sir Bobby. Farewell and thanks for it all, especially Italia 90.
  10. [quote user="Willmeister"]When it comes to laughing at the scum, I think it is every Norwich fans duty. [/quote] and indeed our pleasure.
  11. Yep, not keen on us keeping on winning like this on a regular basis. Come on Gunny sort it out. I blame Delia. I agree Canary, the ramping up of the opposition as we have moved through the friendlies makes a whole lot of sense,and the gelling of the team seems to be on target. Of course things will be tougher when the real action starts but we have at least given ourselves a chance of getting a good start to the season. I think we are seeing the benefits of the management team approach with Gunny maybe setting the agenda (with McNally) and Butterworth and Crook putting it into action. Yes it is only Div 3, and no we shouldn''t be there but we have no ''right'' to be elswhere but, hell, I am optimistic. Even if it takes a couple of seasons.  
  12. As much as I love NCFC I have enough useless junk associated with my darn mobile already. Most of it I neither need nor want in fact do I really need a mobile at all? I am not sure it has improved my life one jot so I hope that answers the OP''s question. Sorry and all that.
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