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  1. If it makes you feel any better then yes i am 12
  2. It is like squash I am the undiluted version (much more concentrated but less of me ) whereas banana has had water added to him so he is not as annoying but then he does his being annoying over a much larger time scale
  3. Pretty sure they cant, they are more interested in worms and running round supermarkets Equally happy to be of service
  4. He said the thread is closed now please kindly move on and post something also quite irrelevant somewhere else please
  5. Well actually no I swear on dion''s life that this is the only name I am posting under
  6. He never did anything when I asked him to sort you out so why would it be any different for me? I''m pretty sure you are just as irritating as me to most people on here the difference is that I will get bored and go and do something with my life whereas you will keep irritating people on here forever
  7. Your taking a lot of abuse today do you think there is a reason for this?
  8. Ok then I shall respond. The reason that leeds had the highest attendance is because of the fact that they have a bigger stadium however price is related to this you see if they decided to charge a quid per game then they would obviously sell out every game and vice versa. So therefore do you not see why your statement about cost being unrelated is a bit silly?
  9. Well then thank you for giving me the attention that I desire you have been most helpful
  10. well no not really as people on here seem to tell me otherwise. I just think that men go to watch the men''s game women stick to the women''s game/ kitchen the world would be a better place
  11. The one about glenn roeder being a good manager was pretty good. That even seemed to hang about for a couple of months
  12. I would say quite a lot morty old bean. If everyone who goes to the game has to pay more money than another set of supporters then there will obviously be less in the more expensive stadium. Do you want banana''s dunces hat?
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