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  1. The Villa support was pathetic, heard absolutely nothing from their infamous Holte End which is supposed to seat their most vocal fans...we were making all the noise in the ground all game. When I was leaving Villa Park, I overheard a few Villa fans as I walked past them saying how impressed they were with our support...makes me proud to be a City fan. The noise we were making yesterday was brilliant.
  2. Completely agree with you year of the tiger, I thought his injury definitely had a negative effect. I''m not saying we wouldn''t still have lost the game but I certainly think something was missing once he had gone off.
  3. If we are going to succeed in this league, we need to be starting with a pacy striker up front and this is obviously Vaughan when he''s fit. Jackson hasn''t been given a chance yet so would like to see how he would do aswell. The problem with Holt/Morison/Martin is that none of them are quick and, as a result, aren''t able to play off the last defenders shoulders which as Odemwingie showed yesterday causes serious problems. I think we certainly need either Holt or Morison starting to provide the muscle and the aerial threat but not with Chrissy Martin. We need Vaughan/Jackson to be feeding off of their work and doing just what Odemwingie did yesterday making teasing runs and getting between defenders.
  4. I thought Johnson was our best player yesterday and fully deserved our man of the match...and agreed with anonamoose that wes needs to be starting again at the tip of the diamond. I don''t think the Crofts/Johnson combination works as they are too similar and personally, I would like to see Wes playing in addition to the 2 wingers (Bennett, Pilkington) and then either Crofts or Johnson in the holding role. At the moment, I would be picking Johnson ahead of Crofts. I think playing two holding midfielders, although it can be considered a ''safe'' option, is not giving us enough of an attacking threat or enough quality through the middle and this is where Wes is a threat.
  5. Canary Braveheart, you make all the points about where Norwich went wrong today and I do agree they played extremely poorly. But lets give credit where its due and I thought Burnley looked very good today and made us look a very mediocre side which we are of late.Their finishing couldn''t go wrong (somwhere which we couldn''t go right today) and Steve Cotterill looks to be doing a very good job with the team he has got, I read on the programme that their squad has only got 21 players compared to our 32. And the quality between our squad and Burnley''s is unmistakable, and this is really where Worthington''s lack of ideas have started to show up. We possess, quality wise, one of the best squads in the league and he has failed to do anything with it for the last 2 seasons. I can now see why Cotterill is being lined up for the West Brom job, and, to me, Burnley looked an extremely solid side today. One that is perfectly capable of the play-offs, the only downfall to this being the size of their squad. I thought today it was more a case of Burnley playing well than us playing awfully, and the scoreline didn''t flatter them one bit.
  6. I''ll just miss his unique after-match interview quotes that, across Norflok, have become legendary now. ''The work rate was first-class'' ''Can''t fault the players commitment or honesty'' ''The lads played their hearts out today'' Many of these quotes were used after losses which, in my eyes, makes them more amusing!
  7. Well it certainly showed the ambition of the club by bringing in a 37 year old part-timer as a temporary fill in for a big problem up front. Dion has had a great career and I fully respect him but as Jas said, he  just isn''t up to it. He had two great chances today which could have clawed us back into the game but proved costly. However if it were Earnshaw that those chances fell to perhaps it might have been a different story. With saying all of this though, I do feel although Thorne isn''t much better than Dion and he is clearly not up to scratch on a football field, it is a good thing for the younger lads in the squad having an experienced player like Dublin around them. If I had my wish, Dion would be doing something along the lines of helping the coaches but as far as I''m concerned I don''t really want to be seeing him in a Norwich shirt much longer. His fitness is suspect, his finishing clearly not up to par but, above all, he is just too old. If we are going to win promotion we need a squad of hungry, young lads that want to prove themselves.
  8. Just heard the news on Radio 5 Live! About bloody time!!!!!! Now the club can finally start to look forward and move on!! After the disgrace of the performance today, I couldn''t see him staying long anyway. NCFC FOREVER!!!
  9. Hughes had a good game?? Are you sure you weren''t watching Reading play about 3 seasons ago?! Hughes was awful as ever.
  10. I also observed today that it took Hughes 16 minutes to complete his first pass. Even that was a backpass to Greeno...............
  11. Might join you on the golf course Islington Canary.................
  12. Basically from the names raised here i get the feeling that there aren''t many decent available managers out there right now. But if i were given the choice i''d have Mike Newell. He has done a terrific job with Luton and whenever i see them play they have the passion we need at this club right now.
  13. Totally agree with all of you. For most of the 90 minutes our midfield was non-existent and there was no link up play. Even Safri was getting caught out on the ball which is very unusual for him but i thought our midfield could have at least put themselves around a bit more and look a bit more interested. As I have pointed out on another thread, Worthy has shown he is incapable of playing the right tactics for this league.
  14. Does it matter? We still lost the game regardless of whether it was an own-goal or not. Maybe if our academy coaches could spot good talent, Haynes might have been playing for us not Ipswich.
  15. No i say good on the so-called ''thugs''. It all adds to the heightened atmosphere and what type of emotions do you expect on derby day. For fans they are the biggest games of the season. Maybe if your wife sat in the right stand then you wouldn''t have had this problem.
  16. I thought the young lad caused our back four no end of problems today and only when he came on did Ipswich come to life. He has blistering pace and is only what 19 years old  and is going to be a big asset to Ipswich. I believed he was the best player for Ipswich and was very alert to be picking up on all the loose balls that went around. His persistence ended up in the scummers winning goal and I was extremely impressed by him. Maybe Worthy might want to look at players like him. Although Earnshaw is in the same type of mould but extremely ineffective today. Anyone elses thoughts on him?
  17. I really can''t understand Worthy''s tactics today. I can recount about two good, fluent passing moves we had today but apart from that we either played long ball or headed it around the pitch to no effect. Oh yeah and who was on the end of most of these long balls?? Rob Earnshaw, yes the second smallest player on the pitch. Did he win any of the long balls? No. Once again Worthington shows his tactical ineptness and the sooner this mans goes the better. If he teached the team to pass it around and play effective football we might get somewhere but having said that i doubt he knows how to.
  18. Why are many people playing Thorne instead of McVeigh? Surely on current form WLY should be one of the first names on the team sheet. For me it is:                                                                    Green                      Rehman              Doherty                  Fleming                 Drury                     McVeigh             Safri                       Etuhu                    Huckerby                                                 Johansson              Earnshaw Subs: Ward, Shackell, Robinson, Hughes, Thorne
  19. Yeah i can totally see that happening aswell. Not. Mind you i can''t say i would complain if Worthy did bring in those players. Abeyie is a very exciting prospect but i don''t think he can play on the right as he hasn''t got a right foot. He has a lethal left foot and Arsenal tend to use him as a left winger who cuts infield.
  20. I hope this post is a joke!! The guy was playing for non-league Yeading 18 months ago. I hardly think he is capable of getting into a side wanting promotion to the Premmie. Another pointless thread.
  21. I noticed while watching MOTD last night that Coventry are playing McSheffrey in a left wing role. He caused Middlesbrough no end of troubled cutting in on his left foot and the pundits were saying he was one of the best players on the pitch yesterday. I think certainly he is an option but do we know he has a right foot good enought to put him on the right wing? It seems to me his left is his predominant foot.
  22. Robbo 007, You''re having a laugh aren''t you??!! Ade Akinbiyi for 1.5 million, hahaha!! Mind you i shouldn''t laugh he will be exactly the type of player Worthy will go out and buy. Once again Worthington wastes valuable money in the transfer market. Oh dear.
  23. I''ve been told that in Worthington''s time he has signed 51 players on either loan or permanent deals. By my reckoning we have had 10 players who could be deemed to have done well in their time here: Ashton, Safri, Huckerby, Bentley, McKenzie, Crouch, Edworthy, Francis, Svensson and Doherty. That means that less than 25% of his signings have been good. Thats an awful record!!!
  24. No he was left out because he is crap and can''t get in Sunderlands team for toffee.
  25. God help us if we do buy McSheffrey. It will be another masterstroke in the transfer market from Worthy along with his brilliant summer signings. Looks the move could be funded by a likely Ashton exit. What an investment.
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