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  1. Robby Bobson was at the club last night for a scheduled sportsman dinner at Carrow Road, see attached link; http://www.deliascanarycatering.com/Event-lists/October.htm Opinion here on Tyneside is that he was losing his marbles a bit when he sacked from the Toon job.  TV interviews were embarrassing as he was having ''senior moments'' and always wondering whether he''d left the gas on.
  2. AJ - I''m looking forward to seeing ''Jarrett - Lean mean busty midfielder ''.  I know in the past Worthy has had his knockers, but that is taking it too far. I assume this is a comedy typo..........but you never can tell.  Could be a cunning distraction ploy.  Looking forward to see if anyone swaps shirts with him as well.
  3. Really enjoyed the ''Norwich are back, Norwich are back'' away at Newcastle.
  4. Funniest rumour I saw on there was about 2 months ago where ''if Norwich stay up, they will sign Montella from Roma''. Ha, ha, ha!
  5. Wasn''t at the game yesterday. Does anyone know why Darren Ward wasn''t on the bench? Paul Gallagher was busy getting sent off for Sheffield Wednesday but was there an injury to Ward? 
  6. When he first broke into the Chelsea team, I was at Polytechnic with his girlfriend for two years.  Got to meet him socially several times and he was an extremely nice bloke.  Always followed his career, watched him a few times for Chelsea.  Lost a bit of his youthful pace, but his Premier League experience will help us no end.  Started as a left sided midfielder, but can occupy anywhere across the middle.  Don''t forget, he scored the vital goal for Everton in the last few minutes on the final day of the season that kept Everton up in 17th place the 97-98 season and was in the FA Cup winning side in 95. The last time I saw him, he said he would meet in Norwich after a game and go out for a few beers.  Wonder if he still remembers that promise after nearly 12 years?
  7. I live on Tyneside and the word from the Geordies is that Chopra isn''t good enough for the Premiership, but could do very well in the Fizzy Pop league.  Only good business then if Worthy is planning on taking us down.
  8. Rumoured to be on £45K per week at Celtic, er...no!
  9. I saw AS Roma and US Palermo at Stadio Olimpico last year and Mido the Roma striker had 99 and so did the Palermo keeper. Bizarre! 
  10. Some of it is interesting, although don''t know what to make of the rest of it though. I was surprised that our 4 best passers were all defenders. I assumed that that honour would fall to the midfield, although we haven''t had a consistent midfield for a while due to injury. Statistics can be strange though. I am an egg-head scientist and routinely use stats at work. You can get them to show anything you want really. They are often used incorrectly as there are no rules about what statistics to use in what circumstance and there is a widespread ignorance associated with their use. Often incorrect assumptions are made based upon them. The following info is extracted from the player profiles on canaries.co.uk - probably a few errors in the data though when scrutinised. I always thought that a top quality striker should have a strike rate better than 1 in 3 (0.33). Matthias Jonson only appeared 37 times for Brondby in 4 seasons, but scored 38 goals! Hell of a strike rate that if the figures are to be believed. On this sort of form, you would expect one of the top European clubs (other than us) to have picked him up. Strike rate of 1.03 whilst in the Danish top flight. Hucks did hit 26 goals in the 01/02 season for Man City! In 93/94 and 94/95 Hucks hit 3 goals for Lincoln City without making a single appearance - miracle worker! Hucks has hit 103 career goals in 344 appearances. Strike rate of 0.30. Someone who can score without ever taking the field is a god! Leon has scored 72 career goals in his 10th season as a Pro (254 appearances). Strike rate of 0.28 with 19 goals in 01/02 season for the Posh. Matt Svensson has not scored more than 11 goals in a season in England.  His goals tally in English football is 44 in 210 appearances in 9 seasons. Strike rate of 0.21. WLY has scored 32 goals in 171 appearances. Strike rate of 0.19. The Doc has scored 24 goals at club level in 174 appearances. Strike rate of 0.14. Many of those appearances would have been in defence, but coming up for set pieces, some would have been as a make shift striker. Jarvo and Henderson have strike rates of 0.10 and 0.11 so far. Worse than the strikers mentioned above, does this make them crap? No, it means that they are young and still learning their trade and the figures may be subject to a high degree of error due to the low numbers involved. For info: Dean Ashton has scored 68 in 175 appearances in five seasons for Crewe. Strike rate of 0.39 and looks like being a consistent 20 goal a season man.  
  11. What squad number do you think Deano will be given? The only unallocated ones within the current squad numbers are 2,4, 25, 29 or 30+. Can''t see a striker wearing 2 or 4, so probably 25 or 29 then. Do you think Jonson could be persuaded to give up the No.9? We could adopt the Italian approach and end up with stupid squad numbers like 99? I''m afraid I''m old school and like to see the first choice striker wear the No.9 shirt. Is anyone anorak enough to know if there are there are official Premier League rules on squad numbers?
  12. Everbody join in.. O Danny, Danny - Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny Danny Crow (.....repeat ad nauseum). Thought he looked great when he came on, shame we kept Ryan Jarvis on for so long.  Jarvis looked well out of his depth. 
  13. Don''t think we sold out our allocation at Boro and Block 61 of the Visitors seating was given back to Boro fans - leading to very poor segregation.  Good support from the Y''Army though.
  14. Segregation was awful.  It was apparent that we did not sell all our allocation and Block 61 was given back to Boro fans.  City fans with tickets in this Block were rehoused in the remainder of the Visitors Blocks (60-64) on the day.  Boro fans were really quiet until they scored (even booed there team off at half time), but then turned really nasty and gobby when they scored.  Most of this Block 61 directly in front of us turned round and goaded us.  They were less than 2 metres away with virtually no segration and only a few stewards and police anywhere to be seen.  Some of it was quite nasty for a few seconds.  One Burberry-capped yoof was ejected, but not really sure if he was Boro or City as we were all so close. Bloke behind me got hit with coins thrown from the ''Family Enclosure'' to our right.  Stewards were pretty good though and did single a few idiots out.  It was not big or clever, but still nothing compared to the bad old days.
  15. We are going to sign FREDDIE MERCURY from Southend United as well.  Give it a rest kids.
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