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  1. Thought he looked fit and sharp so big credit to him. Also noticed him moving the ball quicker which opened up space for other players to utilise.
  2. Could it be that the club banked on selling Aarons by now and that not happening has hastened "plan B"?
  3. Was going to post the same. Really starting to look a class act. A goal would do wonders for him.
  4. Indeed. Also funny how Morris has become the new Ronaldo when he was still on our books at 24 and virtually everyone was saying "why the hell are we still paying his wages?". Morris is actually a good example of players needing patience, an injury free run and regularly playing in a team which suits their style. All things which can be applied to Idah.
  5. Honestly think that the best thing would be press forward with stadium redevelopment to shake everything up. The club needs new blood in the stands and people to be able to buy blocks of seats to sit in groups with their mates again. Unfortunately the last set of accounts make this scenario unlikely.
  6. Helped him win a ball he had no right to, to spark the second goal.
  7. Sadly many fans were waiting for any excuse to boo.
  8. Looks stronger to me. Maybe he's looked at Sargent's turnaround and done some heavy lifting in the gym.
  9. Hope he gets the credit he deserves. Energy, fight and great passing. Totally changed the game.
  10. I think if we go we will offer him a very generous 2 year contract. He's the kind of guy who can play every game and never get injured- I personally think he will age very slowly. Even if we spend good money on another striker, Pukki is such an intelligent player he will be useful even from the bench. If he refuses a contract and fancies pastures new he will leave with praise and thanks ringing in his ears.
  11. It would be nice if our fans could figure out these sides game plan and get behind their side, rather than falling for it hook, line and sinker by getting tetchy and moany. But that's football fans I suppose.
  12. If you switched the price tags of him and Nunez it would look about right. Cantwell didn't deserve to be dropped.
  13. Brom have the highest number of shots in the division and lost the same number of games as us. Generally been regarded as unlucky not to turn draws in to wins.
  14. I'm hoping that this indicates that Johnny Rowe will be back soon. Rowe created far more than Rashica last season on far fewer minutes and in 2 years will be twice the player.
  15. I'll give you Sunderland. But then set that against Cardiff, Wigan and Hull where we were all over them, they scored from lucky deflections and we should've had several penalties.
  16. We're not playing poorly. We're playing against teams who have little interest in doing anything other than defend and hope to nick a goal on the break. Most of the goals conceded have either been silly lapses in concentration or just ridiculous bad luck like the Brum goal today (cross comes off someone's knee and lands on the toe of the only player Brum have in the box). We always look likely to nick a goal and have quality, dangerous subs to bring on.
  17. So if Gibbs, Sargent, Dowell and Sinani keep doing the business will you revise that opinion? Even the rise of Omo, Rowe, Tomkinson etc are largely down to the focus on youth development and training facilities that Webber implemented.
  18. Exactly what I was about to post. Sinani scored 2, assisted 1 and hit the bar with an excellent chip against championship opposition the other night. He needed a loan to find his feet. If Tzolis needs it too then it's an excellent decision and we have 4 more years of him.
  19. Huge difference in pulling power between Stevenage and Birmingham. But 12k against very small opposition is still way better than most clubs.
  20. Why is it out of line? We're normally amongst the biggest attendances in the early stages of the cup and normally approaching 20,000. Most likely because it's one of very few occasions when families and groups of friends can actually buy tickets together.
  21. I saw a ticket/season ticket price comparison chart a few months ago and that certainly puts things into perspective. If we had a 40k stadium with £250 season tickets and £20 casual tickets plus offers for less glamorous games I think we'd be up over 35k too....
  22. Do you live up that way? I've been to Bodo 3 times to go over to the Lofotens. Love that area.
  23. Used to see him in the Snakepit. Seemed like a good lad.
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