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  1. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I do think that Hightower is a scummer. Oh boy does the day get worse.[/quote]Will get worse when I fu ck your mother
  2. SORRY forgot to mention that your a terroist and PLEASE stop getting angry your keyboard is breakingyou c00n c unt!
  3. Seems to me you have problems reading a private message, as half of that is made up.. BUT ANYWAYSSSSYea go ahead call me, and go ahead SHIT your self, let me kno when your next at a norwich game i''ll gladly come give you a "Peck on the cheek." OHHH OF COURSEEE You don''t have children, I mean anyone who has like 500+ posts on a forum like this is either a student, or a complete fucking loser, good job!Sadly then, I''ll not be molesting your children anytime soon, and for that matter probably ever, but i''ld LOVE to have a go on maybe, your mother? maybe I could spit all over her ringpeice and shatter her jaw with my 9 inch cock? As for you, go ahead CORRECT my spelling, tell me how much of an invilid I am, in the mean time you can carry on being a c00n prick you are nothing more than a stupid paki. So get cancer, please.. let your family die and as I have said numerous times..  Get - CancerRegards,HighTower
  4. Juan please reply, i thrive over ur internet anger.. I can almost hear you punching away at your keyboard..God your such a stuck up c unt how much would I love to smash your straight on ur stuck up nose you fucking c unt, offer me out about a PM then go silent when ya get one, ya prick I want to finger ur daughters ass hole
  5. [quote user="JuanVelasco"][quote user="hogesar"]Lmao. This thread is borderlining on...well i''m not sure.Juan, you''ve come across in the wrong way - as you seem to do regularly...thats no one elses fault but your own.The random bloke being inexplicably racist is probably some 15 year old kid on a wind up - why not just completely ignore him?This is a forum - and the level of personal insults is ridiculous - but so is the ''I''ve got a first degree'' crap which people go on about now too.If this thread wasn''t so bloody stupid, it might even be funny.[/quote] I agree mate, I have done myself absolutely no favours whatsoever with this one. I have brought most of this on myself, with the exception of the little hitler. Apologies to anybody that I have offended, time for me to lay low and reflect. Then after this period of reflection, and the realisation you''re a complete bellend and prick.. and that you''re wasting your life.. the fact you have no life infact, no friends.. that your bored with your UGLY...UGLY children (that i molest every night) you can take that packet of pain killers, and take them all. Your sir, are a prick   [/quote]
  6. juan look here,you are a c00n. A wooden spoon, a puss filled spot on my city.Please, grow a cancerous tumor in your lungs and die. Before you blow up any more public buildings or public transport.You stupid prick, now please die....... that way it''ll be easier for me to get to your yummy kiddies
  7. nothing to apologise for? September 11th? 7/7? The holocaust? You fucking terroist cunt, you must be at fault
  8. ill do one better meat u on prince of wales n smash the teeth down the back of your throat u silly cunt!now fuck off and take 1 to many paracetemol
  9. Juan, just do the forum a favour and fuck off,do your neighbhour and co a favour n kill your familyn do the fucking WORLD a favour n top your self.U Inbred prick
  10. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Just don''t give Hightower the time of day by replying, he will be banned very shortly and if his IP address is logged, then he will never be able to post on here.   What you are doing is a criminal offence mate. [/quote]And what you are doing is being a ball bag.
  11. Canaries in Bed, please do not argue with this paki c u nt. I heard he''s plotting a terroist attack, and maybe plotting to kill his own family with his penis.Becareful, this man is spanish and a c00n
  12. [quote user="JuanVelasco"][quote user="Canaries in Bed"]And making a commnet about driving like Lee Hughes when you know full well that he killed someone is a bit tasteless, I think you will find that was what matey was on about........[/quote] Good grief get out of the house sometimes. Jimmy Carr can make jokes about Lee Hughes, Micheal Jackson and Heather Mills. But he cant call somebody a f*cking paki. Can you understand that? [/quote]Sorry I don''t understand arabic can you rephrase?
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