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  1. I thought Holt was at best average yesterday - a "6" out of ten. He kept looking for a foul all the time rather than to win the ball or hold it up - the ref saw straight through it - within the first few mins - but still he carried on - it got a bit embarassing after a while to be honest. He was also brushed off the ball too easliy several times when shoulder to shoulder with one of their players & didn''t have the physical impact that, certainly last year, he used to have on defenders. I travelled to the game with a Bristol City fans who said that he traditionally terrorises them whenevr he''s played against them but couldn''t believe how poor & unfit looking he was yesterday. Wes had a great game, the back four were extremely solid & Jacksons finishes were sublime. Great assist by Ruddy for his second!
  2. It''s getting that balance isn''t it? McNamee would clearly offer more going forward than Lappin but Lappin does give good cover to his left back. 
  3. A time when the players should be building fitness, getting sharpness back & getting an on pitch understanding with colleagues, they''re stuck in the treatment room or taking things lightly and not involved in matches. I just hope that there is no major knock on effect. I don''t think we had too many last summer but in the back of my mind we had a fair few the previous couple of pre-seasons and we know of course that they were particularly poor campaigns.   
  4. A colleague of mine is a Cheltenham fan & has said that there is a rumour that McDonald could be going to Cheltenham on loan. Where is he realistically in the pecking order at Norwich presently? 4th choice behind Holt, Martin and Oli?
  5. I used to live near Larnaca in the 70''s. Happy Days!
  6. Open to be corrected here but although Chopra does score goals at this leve, have always had the impression that they have been in fits and starts - i.e. several games scoring 2 or 3 goals per game, then a barren spell for a fair few games, then another hot streak followed by more goalless games. If the above is right there''s a couple of ways of looking at it. Rose tinted being that he bangs in lots of goals. Cloudier view being that a lot of those goals are already when a ''game is won''.
  7. Does anyone know if the deal that took Marshall to Cardiff contained a ''promotion clause''?
  8. I agree that Gill was very good yesterday & I also think Rose played ver well - he was strong in defence & offered good support when attacking. All in all it was a good day out & a great last away game of the season. The Cornish paties in the ground were fantastic too!  
  9. He''s an arrogant prat that Clegg. Really done a great job since he took over, hasn''t he? Bringing in Keane, overseen a load of expensive flop transfers, the lub has gone backwards & now their season ticket sales are dwindling. On the face of it, he hasn''t got a lot to be arrogant about. 
  10. Find out all you want on ex players here http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/ Great site. Be warned - before you know it you''ll find that you''ve spent hours on it!
  11. Bringing McNally in, who in turn brought in Lambert, who in turn weeded out those not good enough, got decent replacements in & ultimately gave us a team. WONDERFUL! 
  12. The whole back 5 played well & were largly untroubled throughout the 90 mins - bar the last corner. Forster though did have to make a couple of wonder saves at the end & he woud get my MOM. Russell played well, Wes was tricky, Holt usual nightmare to defend against. Martin (bar the free kick) didn''t offer much, Lappin & Smith had off games. In summary a good point gained against a pretty decent outfit.      
  13. Strange. Club blubbed before that needed to be in it for our fringe players / people coming back from injury had the chance to play semi decent opposition
  14. Dunno - am an exile - ticket not arrived yet. I just asked if I was behind the goal or on the side and they said behind the goal.
  15. I''m in the wet side too. Was picturing a lovely, warm, sunny spring summer day! Does anyone still have their Nationwide plastic bin liners that they handed out last time we were there and it lashed down??    
  16. "WE''RE THE WET SIDE, WE''RE THE WET SIDE, WE''RE THE WET SIDE OVER HERE! WE''RE THE DRY SIDE, WE''RE THE DRY SIDE, WE''RE THE DRY SIDE OVER HERE!" Forecast for Swindon on Saturday..................Rain!   
  17. [quote user="Top of the League Lass"]that will will not survive league 1 and will be going down to league two, we are in really trouble,[/quote] LOL! Fool!
  18. I''m at work and can''t access Youtube - can someone gove the gist of what he said please?
  19. But Lambert has scored fair few more league goals than Holt hasn''t he? 
  20. Drury would prob miss out due to not having played enough. You could add the Doc to that list.
  21. Don''t blame Theo. If the club want rid of him then they should pay off his contract. If my work wanted rid of me then I''d expect redundancy pay or if I was on a fixed contract, that contract to be paid up in full.  
  22. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Bexley"] Interesting that Leeds feature heavilly in other teams largest gates of the season. Is that because fans of other teams see them as a better attraction than us or because they take more away fans than us?? [/quote] They take a lot of fans away. [/quote] Fair play to them - credit where it''s due - to take large numbers away to those places when in your 3rd season in League 1 aint half bad. 
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