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  1. Hey. Ive just spent 5hrs getting here :( and some people here are saying its off.... But its not raining here at the mo. Fingers crossed its on!! Otbc!!!
  2. [quote user="canary girl"]north walsham, but born and bred in Bishops Stortford[/quote] North walsham but lived in Bishops Stortford until 4yrs ago... Small world!!!
  3. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="notty"] I think they mean NCFC I guess we all do typing/spelling mistakes well i no i do.................. [/quote] No, can''t argue with that...... [/quote]   HAHAHAHA im the best at Grammer and spellings :P    
  4. [quote user="canary girl"]The club should not be compensating anyone . Wallsal called the game off. NCFC are not at fault money should be used for the better of the club. Not just a few supportters who went by coach.[/quote] Sorry but Walsall didnt call the game off the Reff did!!!  
  5. I think they mean NCFC I guess we all do typing/spelling mistakes well i no i do..................
  6. Thats cool :D Hopefully this time it will be on and norwich can win it and make us all feel better about all this :) I cant travel on coaches as i get ill (sick) which isnt nice for me let alone anyone else :( to be honest id love to travel on the coach as i no alot of people who do so feel as if im missing out as i end up driving to all the away games.  
  7. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Rivvo"] [quote user="canary girl"]Yes nice of the club to kick the traveling supportters who go by car in the teeth. No thought or concideration for us.[/quote] Presumably they are refunding the official coaches that the club themselves arranged? [/quote] absolutely Rivvo, if you are on a club coach, you are a customer of the club for the journey, if you are driving, you are a customer of BP or whoever you got the fuel from. [/quote]   I see your point thats very true (good old asda :P ) mayb i should write them a complaint lol! But im just thinking more along the lines of the fact when i spoke to the club they said they are given the coaches a full refund and coach travel next time is free so feel a bit hard done by as i cant travel on coaches :(
  8. To be honest I cant see people like us who drove getting anything  (i have a parking ticket also to prove i was there) I my self have called the club to see whats going on and was told the people who went by coach are having a full refund and also a free trip next time?  May i ask where the club have found this money to pay for them to have free travel ( are walsall paying?)    
  9. What are the club doing for people like my self who drove as cant travel on coaches?  
  10. [quote user="Sheffield uni Canary"]yeh i drove down cost me about £20-£30 in fuel, which isn''t ideal, but its not the end of the world[/quote] Im the same altho it cost me £40 in fuel as im near the coast in norfolk. But not alot we can do :(  Im just glad im home now.  
  11. Hi Im intrested in your programe where abouts are you? Norwich? Cheers
  12. [quote user="Colu_Tristan"] Lambert''s had one eye on the Dundee United job for some time... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/2357779/Lambert-content-to-bide-time.html It makes no difference to me whether he stays or goes, for you''ll still be in League One next season either way. [/quote]   Hey Sorry if already been said. But has any1 noticed the date on this? says 2005!!!!!    
  13. Yeah I saw this as well.  I really hope he/she will be okay.
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