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  1. [quote user="hogesar"]Any kind of win will build confidence. A clean sheet would be an added bonus. Small steps and all that.[/quote]^ This obviously.
  2. Amazing how many ''Thoughts of the Day'' you can find on http://www.bestenglishquotes4u.com [;)]
  3. 3 points and a clean sheet.  That''ll do nicely.[:D]
  4. [quote user="AJ"]Could be worse, could be Martin...[/quote][:D][:D][:D]
  5. [quote user="Diane"]Bit harsh OR, what are you basing that on?[/quote]Find me one person who says he isn''t slow...................
  6. [quote user="kick it off"][quote user="AJ"]Oh no I''m in total agreement. Sadly just a result of our limited LB options...[/quote]Fair enough [Y]I''m of the opinion that I''m actually past caring how s*** Stiepermann may or may not be defensively, at least he is actually a footballer and offers something to the team. Husband literally does nothing positive. Useless going forward, useless defensively, useless positionally and he''s also afflicted with the speed and acceleration of a sloth on a lazy sunday morning. In addition to that, his lack of positional sense actually negatively affects the whole defensive shape as others are getting pulled out to cover where he should be. I''m not convinced we wouldn''t actually be more solid defensively if Husband got himself sent off in the first minute, at least the others would know he wouldn''t be there and could adjust for it, instead of expecting him to be and having to react at the last minute.[/quote]Good idea KIO, but he''s not quick enough to get sent off in the first minute![;)]
  7. [quote user="Diane"][url]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4855532/Huddersfield-consider-shutting-academy.html[/url]Have a read but the main points arePhilip Billing is the only current academy graduate in David Wagner''s first teamHuddersfield believe it may be better to spend the academy money elsewhereAnother option to shutting the academy is downgrading it''s status to Category 2Clubs have noted Brentford''s approach - who ditched their academy in 2016Wonder if more championship clubs will think about this as I''m sure it costs over £2m to run ? [/quote]I know this thread is primarily about Huddersfield Diane, but it''s interesting that Brentford should get a mention.  This snippet came up in my paper yesterday regarding a further form of downgrading:"Brentford owner Matthew Benham has changed his thinking over the club’s new ground and is stripping out all non-football facilities. The new planning application for the Chiswick site near their current ground at Griffin Park will also see capacity reduced from 20,000 to 17,500. Benham, who has made his fortune in gambling, believes the only sustainable football model is to be in the Premier League and that the amount of TV rights money each club now receive makes attendance numbers far less important. So Benham plans to spend the money saved by building a cheaper stadium on players capable of taking Championship Brentford to the top flight."So not only is their Academy ditched, but the new Stadium capacity is being reduced as well in the quest to reach the land of milk and honey, presumably at the expense of supporters'' facilities such as bars and restaurants etc.
  8. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="lappinitup"]My concerns need to be raised with those at the top end of the club, Delia and Wynnie in particular.[/quote]Here''s your big chance Vinnie, no-one will ever believe anything you say ever again if you turn Tilly''s offer down......[/quote]^This
  9. He''s a legend.For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are playing in yellow!  Among many others.
  10. [quote user="lake district canary"] Ron Saunders got his players to toughen up by giving them some hard labour, running up and down mousehold. Some of that now wouldn''t go amiss imo. [/quote]I wouldn''t be surprised if that wasn''t against ''Elf and Safety these days Lakey, but I agree with you.
  11. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="Davo"]Think Farke hinted that we need to bring in more quality in the back!! [/quote]The man is a genius, not many of us sussed that out, did we?[/quote]Quality?  Does this mean more 3rd, 4th tier Bundesliga defenders?  If it does matey, it won''t work, believe me.
  12. [quote user="Jim Smith"]Having watched the highlights now Martin certainly can''t be in it. His defending was pathetic and his positioning as a right back is also incredibly poor. He comes into the middle and just lets players run into the box with the ball on their right foot. One of our problems is that if we had to pick our best 11 players then none of the back 4 from Saturday would be in it. Pinto the only defender who might make it and he''s ropey defensively anyway. Our best 11 players when all fit would be: Gunn Pinto Klose Reed Tettey Maddison Murphy Pritchard Hoolahan Oliveira Jerome Demonstrates quite vividly I think that despite all of the premature back slapping that has gone on this summer the balance of the squad is still far from right. They are also all players who were here last season except for the two loanees.[/quote]If you''re right Jim, and I think you probably are, it doesn''t say much for the  ''revolution'' either does it?
  13. PS........never knew they spoke Portuguese in Brazil Paul, learn something new every day.[:O]
  14. [quote user="Mr Apples"]I''m sure Paul is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.Spanish - EXCUUSEEE MEEE RAFA, WHIIIICH WAAAAAAAAY TO THE BEEEEEEEEACH?Portuguese - EXCUUSEEE MEEE JOSE, WHIIIIICH WAAAAAAAAY TO THE BEEEEEEEACH?Apples[/quote]Sounds about right Apples.[;)]
  15. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="ZLF"]Benitez is Portuguese, so I wonder.......................................... This is the bit to check Paul...[/quote]LOLLLLLConfusing his origins with Mourinho methinks.  Anyway, Portuguese and Spanish languages are very similar.  [/quote]No they''re not Paul.  I speak Spanish well, having lived there for a while, but when I strayed across the border, linguistically I was totally lost.  They are very different mate.
  16. Driving back from Scotland yesterday Nutty, so didn''t see this until today.  Happy Birthday young Sir, and may you have many more of ''em.  Robert
  17. Poor little boy has just lost his fight.  What a brave little fighter.  Rest in Peace now, free of pain.  Probably one of the saddest stories of late.
  18. [quote user="yoda"]When was the last time one of our key players had a scan and it turned out to be good news?[/quote]Our luck must change sooner or later, let''s hope it''s sooner.
  19. Had the privilege of watching him play many, many times.  Rarely injured, just always seemed to be between the sticks.  Could drop a centre forward as quick as look if needs must!  As many have said, an absolute legend.
  20. [quote user="hogesar"]Alternatively, a trained group of chipmunks performing a dance routine. Alvin and the Chipmunks would be ideal, but I''m led to believe they''re not real.[/quote]Whaaaaat.  You''ve ruined my life.......................[:''(]
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