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  1. [quote user="City 2nd"]Jerome, Wes and Wildschut are all very poor. Match winners on their day we know, but much more needed from all three.[/quote]Jerome, don''t doubt we''ll see Nelson before too long.  Wes, imo totally ineffective.  Wildshut''s full back is on a yellow so I''d leave him on.  Don''t agree he''s been poor, just my opinion!
  2. [quote user="Diane"]OR - Sorry that piccie of Daniel jumping in the air celebrating is gone, photobucket don''t like people copying images from their own albums anymore unless you upgrade, need to move my few piccies left in there elsewhere. Enjoy the game my friend.[/quote]Damn thing was there last night when I looked.  I knew photobucket were being difficult these days.  OTBC.  2-1 City.[:D]
  3. Anyone else got the dreaded photobucket ''please update your account'' nonsense instead of a photo on Diane''s post?
  4. Surprised he didn''t ask to appear in front of another bench. 1p5wich magistrates are hardly going to show him any leniency are they.
  5. [quote user="Rhubarb"][quote user="Nuff Said"]Liverpool is a fantastic city. There are tw@ts everywhere, but don''t let that get in the way of your ignorant prejudice.[/quote]I think you meanLiverpool is not a fantastic city, there are tw@ts everywhere,[/quote]Spot on Rhubarb.[:D]
  6. We don''t know how lucky we are living where we do.
  7. At times like this, football comes a very poor second. RIP young man. Thoughts with his family.
  8. I can also reveal that the binners showed more interest in the state of the dog''s bottom than the banner, which says more about them than anything that could be posted.
  9. You''re right well worth the read. Good to see that the youth policy seems to have a meaning now.
  10. [quote user="TCCANARY"][quote user="pete"]Not the first suspension for City and not the first to 5 bookings which honour goes to Bradley Johnson which is no surprise. However Alex getting through Reading without one is available to star against the not so noisy neighbours nothing to crow about unless they win the Derby. Must never happen make it so Danny Boy.[/quote]I think what he''s saying is.The first player this season to get a suspension for 5 bookings is Bradley Johnson.Alex Tettey has not got five booking which means he''s avaliable to play against 1p5wich.We don''t want 1p5wich to win the derby.Hopefully Daniel Farke will ensure we don''t lose. I''d just like to add that punctuation makes it much easier to get your point across.[:D] [/quote]Many thanks for the translation TCC, I got lost somewhere on line 2.[:)]
  11. Funny that, I regret he left Rangers too.[:(]
  12. [quote user="SwindonCanary"]I use Firefox mainly due to the fact that when I use Chrome for some reason it does not show the top bar or the posy/reply buttons ! [/quote] That''s what happens when I use Chrome.
  13. quote user="Dr What''s on"Not a request to know.That is up to the individual to use what they see fitHowever some browsers are not suitable for quoting, as the quote then appears as a muddle of mumbo jumboIf that happens might I suggest you use another browser when on this forum - or simply cut and paste the relevant comment you are replying to. The latter would at least remove whole chunks of unnecessary text. It does not take more than a few seconds.. honestly.Perhaps some with the mumbo jumbo quotes could look at what they have posted and wonder if their thoughts are being best servedps I use Firefox on this forum What do you mean by mumbo jumbo, and what is Firefox?
  14. They won''t know what interest is Dr, as their club suffers from a distinct lack of it!
  15. [quote user="Diane"]Its taken a lot of them 5 years or more to realise that Marcus was only in it for himself though there were a few wise ones who could see it for what it was. He wont be going anywhere soon, the financial situation there suits him, what is it 90m debt now?[/quote] You must remember you''re not dealing with a particularly intelligent level of life form. I''m not sure that they''ve realised yet what Evans is up to, it''s completely beyond their powers of understanding. Most don''t accept that the £90m is in fact any sort of debt!
  16. [quote user="Diane"]On a serious note I''m surprised that they aren''t getting more than 14500 of their own fans at games. I appreciate they''ve been in the championship for a long 15 years but they have made a few signings this season and they are near the top. Other than our game wonder what it will take to get their fans back??[/quote] Free admission + £10, but I''m not sure that would work.
  17. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]I know nothing of the incident OR except from that I read. It seems that principle rather than practicality was the order of the day and the Mail article justified this stance (quite well actually.) I suppose JM''s reputation didn''t help.[/quote]The Mail late ridiculed the ref for being a pillock as did Martin Samuel in the same paper in his column!!  Probably to cover up for getting it wrong in the article you saw![:D]
  18. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]This matter has interested me and I suppose that the question is whether Daniel Farke is breaking the rules, stretching the rules or using them by this observed ''tactic'' of delay. I don''t accept the view that he ''needs'' the time as it would appear to be deliberate. Whether or not he is likely to get himself into hot water and whether or not NCFC is likely to get an unwelcome reputation for gamesmanship are the moot points. I might have been wrong when I stated that the teams should be lined up and ready to play at the fifteenth minute of the interval (in the same way as they are at the start of the game at 3pm.) although this seemed the logical thing to assume. LAW 7. of the Game states:- "Players are entitled to an interval at half-time, not exceeding 15 minutes. Competition rules must state the duration of the half-time interval and it may be altered only with the referee’s permission." This then is very vague in that it doesn''t define exactly when the teams should be actually ready for the re-start, although this does seem to mean that as long as DF gets his side out after fifteen minutes (presumably from the whistle for half-time) then he is doing little wrong. There was an interesting article in today''s Mail about Mourinho''s sending off at the week-end for encroaching just six inches onto the pitch. The gist was that if you give his ilk an inch he will take a mile and that such rules ''should'' be observed down to the minutest detail. There are parrallels. With the Reading game televised I shall be there with my stop-watch to monitor the time our team take from the half-time whistle until their re-appearance. Riveting stuff I know but this business might give some indication of the mind-set of our manager and that he likely leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of advantage.[/quote]I think you''ll find RB, that for once Mourinho was the victim of an over zealous referee who punished him for putting one foot onto the field of play, and accidentally (for once) colliding with the fourth official.  All commentators and press agreed with that interpretation, and indeed so did the PL when they took no further action against him.[:D]
  19. Brilliant result, especially with several injuries.  Cracking goal and another clean sheet.  Will go to bed now with a smile on my face.[:D]
  20. Disappointing, don''t think the Watkins, Jerome combination worked at all.  Imo subs were quite late again.  Farke could do better, especially at home.
  21. [quote user="nutty nigel"]To be fair to Penny he was spent and Shilling should have been in his slot at half-time.[/quote]Agree regarding Penny Nutty, but would have preferred Tanner to have started in Shilling''s slot, had a tendency to get jammed whenever I saw him.
  22. No loss there then, don''t know why they appointed the old fool in the first place.[:|]
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