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  1. You seem a bit confused. I don''t support Gunn, I don''t support the boartd. I DO, like many others, support the team. Now might be a good time for you and your mates to do the same don''t you think?
  2. Let me summarise if for you. The angy brigade got all hot and bothered about Robert Chase, or something, and they agreed to.. Wel nothing actually. No agreed plan of action apart from thanking senior jumped up nobody Tilson and his cronies for organising the charade.
  3. Yawn!!!!! A huge cross section of fans who just all happened to share exactly the same view as you and your mates. And that''s supposed to be representative of the views of the whole fan-base? Perhaps a little deluded? Who agrees that the board must be sacked, raise your hand! Up they go, like an old school union mass vote. Last night''s meeting was a bit of joke and tomorrows chip paper
  4. I''d be careful, my poor cousin Barnaby got banned for upsetting the clique that think they won this forum with their "oh so predictable" views. South Out! Bartholomew
  5. Mr Smudger - you seem to confuse supporting the team with supporting the board. They''re not the same thing. I''m glad I''ll never see Doncaster''s smug grin again, I can''t stand the sherry sloshing cook or her acolytes. But I definitley DO support the team, am glad I renewed my season ticket of many, many years standing and will be cheering the lads on come first game of the season. In your view, anyone who doesn''t wrap themselves in a "dirty protest" blanket and chain themselves to a Morrison''s trolley in stead of going to the game is a "Pro-Boarder". You sir, are wrong and possibly a wrong''un. I am intrigued though, what does success for your protest look like. The club a thing of the past, the ground truned into another backstreet car park? What on earth would you find to whine about then? Would your life have any meaning without your eternal struggle against South/Chase/Smith/Whoever? Love Bartholomew
  6. Slim to none and slim just left town. A three man front line of Lita, Lee and Cody - we can dream!
  7. Duplicate account? But I''m Bartholomew, a completely different person from my cousin Barnaby.
  8. Precisely - the meeting achieved [drum roll for dramatic effect]... nothing, nada, zip. Will be forgotten about by next week. When we''ve won the first ten games on the spin the season ticket martyrs might wonder if they''ve done the right thing.
  9. A very good point, Disturbed. Taking a straw poll from a room full of angry nutters is hardly going to come up with the most objective, reasonable set of views.
  10. Mr Pirate Spoken like a true fan! I too will be at the games with my lovely, and much cherished, season ticket along with my cousin Barnaby. Let the malcontents shuffle their feet and grumble in Morrison car park. I wouldn''t go upsetting the "cancel your season ticket" clique on this board, they''re very highly strung. Can''t wait until August - Yel Army! Bartholomew
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