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  1. I know a few scum fans who are close friends and unfortuantley i bumped into 1 day and for the first time I had no reply, no comeback no ohhhh were better than this. I just felt ashamed and let down. Anybody feel the same?? Its the worst home defeat in histroy......................
  2. To be fare he had a shocker but can you really blame it all on him?? The performance was shocking doherty was awful for the frst 2 goals, I had high expectations for this season but now I feel its going to be a very very long season. What ever happened to the Norwich City I once knew?
  3. I would disagree to that. I dont think we have found a new level I just think we are gambling on the correct players to come and want to play for us. I believe if we had this squad at the start of last season we would have stayed up even minus croft and sammy.
  4. Ive played ridgens league with wroxham and diss. Been paid aswell so not to bad i suppose and now playing uni football
  5. Lets hope so. Intresting to see football league clubs get to name 7 subs next season.  
  6. £1150, I hired it out with the lads in May, Good day but proper kills you. I scored a hatrick up the barclay end haha
  7. ACE Get a grip. If you think fozzy is a good player shows how much you kno about Football. Fozzy couldnt 1.Tackle 2.Pass 3.Win a header 4.Shoot 5.read the game 6.N pace How can you say he is a good player and for people to say a holding midfielder hahahahaha He couldnt hold down his own shit. I thought a holding midfielder is somebody like essien makelele who are athletic not fozzy
  8. Everyone who has posted that Fozzy is a decent player does not have a clue about football. He is the worst player ive seen put a Norwich City shirt on. Open your eyes you r*tards and for him to be our captain and highest earner was a disgrace to this football club. He I believe was a major factor in the decline of this football club as it sets a bad mood around the club when you have a tosser like that milking it from us. His agent must be the best in the game to link him to Espanyol.
  9. Just saw Brian McGovern, could it be?? Steady right back better than Jon Ostermbor!!
  10.   Thought you said you wouldn''t let this club rot?
  11. Rumour has it, hes on his way to carrow rd. What does everyone think?
  12. All i care about is winning my bets, F*ck man u hate them with a passion, would prefer Barca to win all day long. I woldnt be surprised if half the people on here support Man u anyway. Norwich as a city has a great number of plastic fans for the top 4 sides. Come on u Barca!!!!
  13. Owen is out of contract, so wont be a championship player, He is s**t tho, like cureton but he can finish
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