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  1. Mate get real we''re not gonna sign some yeovil keeper when we''ve got 2 internationals are we? plus who the hells darlia and crouch is gonna cost less than 2 million plus hes a duffer.
  2. That is very true grinner well said. Worthington stop being so bloody soft to the team and let them know when theyve played crap not this: the players were first class, the commitment was brilliant, the work-rate was excellent. Tell them you should have played better and dont say all this crap about commitment because commitment isnt gonna keep us up in the Premmie. Goals and clean sheets willl. Tell them that Worthy and bloody toughen up.
  3. ncfc4prem i admit i am a bit harsh to Helveg but truth hurts. I agree with other people that Mcveigh has not done much this season and personally i think he''d do a hell of a lot more up front where he used to play when he first came here. To people slagging off Mullers give him time i think he is a quality player but just hasnt played much this season. Your using the example of one goal in the Tottenham game in the whole season with which to slag him off with and point out his bad bits. I''ll do this with Helveg: gave away a goal against Chelsea with a poor pass, continuosly giving stray balls to the opposition, passing ability isnt up to par, how many more points do you want. Alright Helveg isnt playing in his preferred position but that still doesnt make up for his lack of on target passes. Infact the only good point i can think about him is he gets stuck in and wins balls but this doesnt mater when you cant pass.
  4. How many chances do we need to kill off a game. We are creating enough chances in most games to win them except we are coming off worse. Other Premiership teams only those 2 chances and theyve won the game but for us it seems we need about 8 before we actually score. I know this comes back to the point that we need a striker but really we are digging our own grave in the Premmie. If we just had someone who will put away the chances we will be fine as i said we creating lots of chances we just lack that killer finish. Take Tottenham we should have gone in at half time at least 2-0 up but we didnt. Second half Tottenham have their first 2 chances of the game 2-0 that is the difference between us and other Premmie teams. Your thoughts on this? p.s Robbie Blake is moving to Birmingham for 1.5 milliuon.   
  5. Freddy how can you say Helveg has passing ability and Mulryne doesnt. Mulryne has the best footballing brain at the club and is very calm on the ball in my opinion he is one of the best passers of the ball. Helveg cannot pass to save his life and gives away the ball loads doesnt look calm on the ball. I think youre talking rubbish mate and someone needs to tell you that.
  6. i agree he was and is bloody awful he cant ref and someones got to be asking questions how he was sent to Euro 2004 as Englands best ref
  7. Kuqi has not got the class to be in the Premiership, he is like Mckenzie runs round all game puts in the commitment but doesnt have the killer instict plus he is quite old(28). I would not be happy Worthy signing him from Ipswich either. Bring in Ashton or Hartson not bloody Kuqi.
  8. Maybe he isnt the best finisher we''ve got in our team but i thought a target man was someone you play the long ball to and he''ll knock it off to a a striker to finish off the move. So if McKenzie was the target man he wouldnt have to finish off the chance. In corners and free kicks and balls played to him in the box i think he has the capability to head some of them in alright he isnt the best finisher off the boot but his heading is quite good. Svensson alright scored two goals from the head against Bolton but he does not win enough headers every game for my liking for his height and build he is simply a not good enough headerer of the ball for me. Team against Middlesbrough: 4-4-2 Green, Drury, Doherty, Fleming, Edworthy, Bentley, Mulryne, Helveg, Francis(if he is back) if not McVeigh, Huckerby, McKenzie
  9. Why doesnt Worthington play McKenzie as a a target man instead of Svensson. McKenzie is blatantly much better in the air than Svensson and so should be our target man. But hopefully now its January well be getting a decent one who will finish the chances. McKenzie was superb today. WELL DONE! I say bring in John Hartson, i dont like or rate him as a footballer but i think he will do us a job and finish the chances. He is very good in the air! Or sell Greeno and have more money in the bank to spend on an even better striker i say Ashton. Young, quick, good in the air and a bloomin good finisher of the ball.
  10. To some of the people that think Helveg was awesome today i agree he was very good he got stuck in but he gives the ball away not the odd time but frequently. I went to the game against chelsea and one of his ''misplaced'' passes cost us a goal at a time when we were on top of the game i know he wasnt the only player to misplace a pass but every time i see him play he is always frequently getting caught in possession or giving away the ball. I feel that if he doesnt start showing his true colours soon Worthington will get rid of him in January.
  11. Does anyone agree with me that Thomas Helvegs passing ability is simply not good enough? He is obviously a class act but has not done much to impress me since his time here, he gives away the ball far too much and he doesnt seem to be interested on the pitch. I would just like to say well done to Matttias Jonson and David Bentley for their performances in the last few matches they are really starting to show their class.  
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