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  1. Here is the Twitter link for Its On The Ball
  2. That would be good nutty nigel. We have a just giving page in his memory to raise money for the charity, I posted the link yesterday. We are also looking at doing something later in the year or early next year as a big event. Alan was talking about a drive from John o’ Groats to Lands End in classic Land Rovers before he died. It would take some planning given my Landy is as old as me.
  3. Hi Nutty Nigel. Here is the link to the Charity’s Facebook page, I think they are currently adding the 56 minute appeal to it.
  4. There is a Just giving page in memory of Alan for donations to “Its on the ball” they are a Norfolk charity raising awareness of and supporting people and their families with testicular cancer. You can see their info every time you go to the gents in the Riverend. https://www.justgiving.com/foralansballs?utm_source=Sharethis&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=foralansballs&utm_campaign=pfp-email&utm_term=MZM4EvxWy
  5. They are are great charity TIL 1010. Have been good to my Bro during his treatment
  6. Thanks for starting this Pete. Those who were on the 2004 pre season tour to Malaysia will remember Alan. As will many others. Swindon we tried to get an announcement before the Swansea game. Could only get a message on the scoreboard at half time. It would be good to give him a proper send off this week
  7. This from “its on the ball” charity Facebook https://www.facebook.com/287781037991441/posts/1615313018571563?sfns=mo
  8. "I enjoy the banter, which seems to have got better and more considered" Maybe I was wrong, apart from not understanding the quote button!
  9. That makes three of us at least then hansterbubble. I enjoy the banter, which seems to have got better and more considered recently with a reduction in the arguments. Still don''t understand how to use the quote button though!
  10. Only if it''s negative, and then they told us so.
  11. Went to many in the early 2000''s with my son. Went on pre season to Malaysia in the Worthy promotion season. Great experience. Only get to one or two away games a season at the moment, strange how your time becomes more committed once the kids move out and you don''t have them as an excuse to go away!
  12. Indeed we will. Maybe just reading, but here as ever all the same.
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