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  1. Have to agree with the last part of the post there. Something strange...in the neighbourhood....who ya gonna call? Gunnbusters!! Or McWally in this case.
  2. Hmmmm - sounds ominous....but I don''t think so somehow.
  3. It''ll be interesting to see where Gunny ends up! Personally I wish him well - he never professed to be the best manager - but he belongs in the game and I hope he finds success.
  4. Sorry, don''t believe this one either - surely he would have been sacked on the spot or after the match in this case?
  5. I somehow cannot believe that Gunny would hit someone like that - sorry.
  6. THAT is the real reason. In comes McWally and out goes Gunn!
  7. Oddly enough - there WAS some movements regarding investment from both Dubai and India , both towards the end of last season and pre season now. The details of the company linked with both consortiums were passed to the CEO. There was no response from either CEO.
  8. Hi,I am fairly confident that they are seeking alternative funding too.Patience - who knows?CheersCK
  9. No, he said that the "people that matter are the owners" - he was referring to the question regarding experience over inexperience. I''d take it with a pinch of salt. He knows the fans are the people that really matter!
  10. I agree - get off Gunny''s back! He is not the problem! The problems started long before he was appointed. IMHO I just think it makes more sense to "steady the ship" so to speak and maintain continuity. I say give Gunn and Co a go.
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