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  1. I can see where you got your name lord snooty.........I bet you doubt everything you read until it smacks you in the face and you think you are doing some good for city?
  2. I am probably different in thinking that we have shareholders who are prepared to add funds so are best left well alone considering they do support the club. But why would they not talk to Cullem or Tweed about joining the board in Doncasters place.
  3. Doncaster says he is not aware who tweed is????????Watch and be educated. You really do not want them to be found out do you.
  4. No, from a fan telling them they should be contacting Tweed and Doncaster has answered. Sept 08 it looks like it started but they knew that then as well. It was in every paper and radio but these e=mails have been answered so they cannot today say they were not aware.
  5. Archant or Richard willner now have e -mails to say NCFC were aware of Tweed which date January and March this year so if they have the balls to publish them Doncaster has a lot to answer for. Doncaster has even answered them and we know who sent them to him and they were forwarded to Gunny according to Neil Doncaster. Liars
  6. all they want is more money to wipe their back sides with!!! Your comment. And I am british indian Mr Wright and both I and my family buy Andrex. I am more interested about positive comments than from some foul mouthed lout. Did you just get released after the leicester game?
  7. I think there are better ways to suggest it than racist comments........I want NCFC to be back as a championship side and I do not believe we can do it without some kind of outside help. And the facebooker who just sent me this will give you all something to ponder. The USA link. Main shareholder along with a steel company in GMO.....Looks like enough money to me. Out for an Indian tonight and maybe tell them wrighty''s view. Brave enough to tell them yourself wrighty????? Go out for the day and see if you can get a girlfriend..May help
  8. And that is why you will not get investment. I assume that renders my input not needed so I will leave well alone. Racist.......
  9. www.activepetfeeds.com That renders the dog show and the stadiums true. Any other doubts. I do not care who it is but do care that the board have no interest in talking. Somebody commented last night that why do they not contact him? I assume Archant have his number or contact details. Well, facebook if all else fails. I am not sure anyone needs to contact them or are they really that important. Going shopping........finished venting now
  10. Thats the stadium yes and FSU is NFL as well I think. And nobody is saying the commercial side right back to the chase days may have hurt the playing side but I think he is trying to point out if you listen that there should be a side outside of football generating cash with a different team of staff and not instead of football. Do you think they can run the finances on a D1 payout............Lets me answer that....Not a chance. I also just read the dog show post which someone called flaky but he owns a dog food company in Sweden and I know that show happened as did the world agility in pheonix two years ago because I was working for him then. Be a bit more open minded rather than thinking everyone is attacking our not so good footy team.
  11. [quote user="venta icenorum"]He completely shows his lack of research by saying that CR should be exploiting it''s commercial potential rather than just being a football ground. It''s the fact that the recent commercial development of restaurants/hotels etc. has taken over from investment in the playing squad that has got us intothis mess in the first place![/quote] and you still have no money for players.
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