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  1. Agreed with this. Have to give him time to turn it around if you give him the money during the summer. also agree we probably went up a season to early in terms of the long term plan
  2. It’s either the players not being capable of taking it on board or yeah the coaching is pants. Probably a combination of both looking at the goals we’ve conceded
  3. Annoyingly that’s just were we are as a club. Every other player we get in will not be good enough. It’s why I would only tweak and not go for a massive overhaul. As we will be replacing players that have proven capable in the championship with risks.
  4. Squad clear outs are very hit and miss. The balance of refreshing the squad will be like walking a tightrope. Not enough changes and the hangover will remain, too many and we will lose half the season trying to gel. Plus with our spending power realistically every other player we buy may not be good enough at championship level. And we will be replacing players that have proven relatively capable in the championship. Minefield.
  5. Hmmm looking at every set piece we’ve conceded I’d have to respectfully disagree
  6. So he’s going to play and at times captain the team at a consistent level over a pretty successful 9 year period whilst also helping maintain the ethos and culture of the team off the pitch. Sounds good.
  7. Agreed he’s been dealt a terrible hand and despite my criticisms I still think he should get another chance next season but as a coach he has big flaws that he hasn’t addressed. nor sure I would blame the owners for not throwing silly money at the squad.
  8. He has been hamstrung by two terrible transfer windows this season and the injuries to all the CB’s. However the fact he Insisted on playing the same way against every team this year is naive at best and self destructive at worst. Plus how many players has Farke actually improved through his coaching since he’s been here? the lack of defensive improvement over three seasons says to me that something is amiss in his ability to improve players. Either that or they don’t even do defensive drills in training. I also think because we have been so bad since the restart that the hangover for next season may be too much for him to overcome even with a refresh of the squad.
  9. Most managers would struggle with the squad we have. Still want to know if they do any defensive drills in training tho..
  10. Easily been the liveliest player since the restart despite his lack of end product.
  11. This is what is so frustrating about it. We just worked that out in under 5 mins. But it’s been 3 years of watching it every game. Granted it sticks out a lot more when we are not scoring and winning games
  12. So many blinders here, Kieran Gibbs at right mid, John Hartson, Mark Fotheringham.. could go on
  13. I guess if I was being very generous this sort of makes sense. But then we still end up with someone like Lewis being bullied by Dawson every game
  14. Please for the love of all that is good in the world can we stop zonal marking.
  15. yeah but we didn''t start with hoolahan, fox or jackson, so MATE, what part pf my statement did you not understand. I said TODAY we did not look like we had the ability to score, not last season.
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