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  1. [quote user="Blainsey"] [quote user="city-till-i-die"]agree with you there [Y] who was the coloured lad from barnsley i think we were linked with  he could be the missing peice[/quote]   Seriously? You''re seriously using this terminology in 2009???? [/quote]     IDIOT, its people like you believing what he said was wrong that have sent the world mad! Now i''m wound up. Thanks! 
  2. as a point of interest for you phatty sir, i too was there after Reading, once again, for the benefit of those that prefer to assume what i''m saying as opposed to understand what i''m saying here it is again: I AM TAKING THE PI$$ OUT OF THE STUPID LAUGHABLE BICKERING NOT THE SITUATION OF THE CLUB. Basically i''m just enjoying winding people like you up cos its so easy and you''re so oblivious to it, haha! I''ll stop now so your poor keyboard can have a break.
  3. in fact look at the top of this page. I rest my case!
  4. " 90 % say Delia has to go and about 75% want Gunn sacked already!!! " I''m not saying i''m not one of those 90 and 75% that you''ve plucked out. My opinion is on the keyboard warriors not the club. I''m as disgusted at the club as the next man. What i am saying if you read properly is that the childish way in which you all bicker amongst yourselves is laughable and that you lot can never expect the club to take you seriously when you''re so incapable of making a point without resorting to such childishness.
  5. i understand negativity, but childishness? You find that amusing? Seems to me Mr blah that you may be a great case study for the original post.
  6. AKA the snidey, keyboard warrior few (correct Mr Gunn) AKA the handful from here that mount to nothing but a sprinkling of "fans" overall Tell me, why is it you seem to think you are the voice of the majority? 20 or so people protesting after the Reading game and at the open day doesn''t really add up to a majority. Also, why would you think the club will take you seriously when all you do is bicker amongst yourselves? Usually over incredibly important stuff such as spelling or grammar and such like! Just interested to know why you act this way. Maybe there is a common denominator we can find with regard to personality defects or something. Discuss!
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