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  1. [quote user="barryevans"]good luck next season gunn, not a lot of money around but must build a team capable of the playoffs, at least [/quote] doubt it i want us to do well but i honestly see us in league 2 within 3 seasons.
  2. i would rather the anger was directed at delia but! Gunn wants to be manager for him (and his family) and not the 25k frans every week. i''m not happy with him for this,
  3. im thining 500k even though we will have ore from sales.. thats delias now
  4. [quote user="Destort"]Was more gutted about losing Chadwick than no end product Croft [/quote] lets see our league 1 budget cover these losses then
  5. getting home from failing a geograpy exam logs on to pinkun to see if last nights good news had continued! FU*K
  6. Marshall was a good championship keeper. A few mistakes but you can hardly blame our position on hiom can you :L
  7. you called some of their stuff c**ts? good man... *cheers*
  8. i''m not sure why it did that? new to the forum ;).. is there no edit function or somthing of the sorts?
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